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‘XO’ & ‘Drunk In Love’: The Official Singles from ‘Beyoncé’

Beyoncé‘s self-titled fifth studio album has only been out for a few days and its already shattered records. The brand new visual album has already become the fastest selling album on iTunes ever with just three full days on the market, it has sold 828,773 copies worldwide, according to Apple. That’s 617,000 copies in the United States and another 211,000 worldwide during its first weekend on sale – INCREDIBLE. While the whole world is still playing catch up, B has already decided on “XO” and “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay-Z as the album’s lead singles. While the Ryan Tedder-produced ballad will be sent to Top 40 stations, “Drunk In Love” will be serviced to R&B/Hip-Hop stations. The two tracks are easily the most radio-friendly of the bunch and should easily become instant hits for the diva. 2014 is without a doubt already Beyoncé‘s year. This is just the beginning.

BUY Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled fifth studio album on iTunes NOW!

BUY Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled fifth studio album on iTunes NOW!



  1. Queen !!!

  2. If these are the most radio-friendly songs on the album, then girlfriend has some problems.

    1. If you don’t think “XO” is radio-friendly (and awesome) then something is seriously wrong with you.

      And after the impact this album has already made, I don’t think Beyonce has *any* problems at the moment.

  3. Drunk in love sounds and looks like a parody

  4. I feel like someone has lost their touch on making a catchy single. BOTH of these songs are harder, but HEY at least she has a huge fan base.

    1. So f*cking true.

  5. Isn’t that the point she was trying to make with this album? She didn’t want to just make “catchy singles.” She wanted to make music that she really believed in, that she knew her fans would connect with. Her album is awesome.

    1. Amen Jude. Amen.

  6. XO is not a single yet! According to Billboard and Beyoncé’s site, “Drunk In Love” and “Blow” are the official single. XO will be one later in 2014.

    Here’s the link : http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/5839719/how-beyonce-stayed-a-secret-and-which-songs-will-be-the-first-singles

    1. “Blow” was the original Top 40 single. It was changed to “XO” on Monday. Billboards report went up on Friday 😉

  7. I’m pretty sure Pretty Hurts it he most radio-friendly song on the album.

  8. My hope is “Drunk in Love” crosses over as well. If you remember “Single Ladies” was only supposed to be an urban single.

  9. The album was blah to me. Nothing stood out except for Rocket. These too videos are just blah also. I agree with her record label that her album should have been postponed until she recorded some hit single material. It would have impressive first week numbers either way but for longevity saleswise hits are needed on the album, even if the packaging includes a videography for each song.

  10. Hmmm.
    I don’t usually like Beyonce’s music, but damn XO is hot. Not feeling Drunk in Love after one listen, but XO is definitely going to be on my playlist.

  11. Partition and Yonce are so dirty. I wish I were a stripper when those songs come on!

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