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Ashley Tisdale: ‘You’re Always Here’ Premiere!

Ashley Tisdale has been pretty quiet on the music front ever since releasing her 2009 sophomore album Guilty Pleasure but rest assured – the High School Musical legend has returned! Check out the premiere of her latest release “You’re Always Here,” written and produced along with her fiance Christopher French. The ballad was made in remembrance of Ashley’s late grandfather Arnold and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I was hoping to really love the track but unfortunately it sounds a lot like Imagine Dragons hit single “Demons” – like almost identical. Not sure if that was intentional but it just isn’t cutting it for me. You can do better Ashley!

BUY Ashley Tisdale’s brand-new song “You’re Always Here” on iTunes NOW!


  • Idolized101

    Meh I dont mind this. Sounds great. I dont think its mind blowing. Actually this single is better then most of the singles on Britneys new album. LOL

    But its ok. solid 7/10 I would download it.

  • Derek

    Not only is it similar to Demons, but I feel like the production sounds cheap. I had high expectations, because I personally still love guilty pleasure.

  • Cakes

    I loved Ashley’s debut CD and MOST of Guilty Pleasure. But NO! I USED to love Hilary Duff, Simple Plan…. These are artists we NEED to grow UP and AWAY from. No, this voice? Really. Disgusting. Someone who was sent home 8th place on Season 3 of American Idol deserves this attention or song, anyone really. I bet anyone who even stumbles across my comment can sing better than this.

  • Cameron

    I love Ashley Tisdale, I grew up with here and I’d personally love to see more of the artists from my teenage years. The song is horrible, but Ashley is still my favorite Disney girl and she’s got plenty of room to come back stronger.

  • Justin

    I thought she had improved her vocals a lot on Guilty Pleasure. But, she seems to have reverted back some to her Headstrong-era style vocals here, which can make her voice become very grating very quickly (IMO).

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