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Britney Spears Promotes ‘Britney Jean’ on ‘Ellen’!

In celebration of the release of her new album Britney Jean, pop princess Britney Spears made a special appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! The 32-year-old singer talked about the new album, her upcoming show Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and opened up about her relationship boyfriend David Lucado. While she mostly kept it short and sweet, it was nice to see Brit finally let loose and enjoy herself. Britney was the first pop star I was ever obsessed with and even though Britney Jean is definitely not my favorite album from her – its actually my least fave unfortunately – I will never stop supporting our girl. BUY BRITNEY JEAN ON ITUNES!

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  • Chris

    Ok so now when people seem to have fun and enjoy themselves, we’ll say they’re acting like 10 years old….Anyway great interview and happy to finally see her open up again!


    You can tell she’s really uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be there – the way she keeps fidgeting! But still, a better interview than most from the past couple of years. Some cute moments where she let her guard down a little.

  • bLaine kelley

    is this bitch gunna give a damn performance to support this era?
    god damn! if she’s in rehearsals for a Vegas residency she should be able to easily hop on some stages and promote the new shit.
    This era deserves to faiL miserably.

  • S

    sadly I agree with you Blaine Kelley. 🙁 And I agree with you, Jon. This is probably my least favorite album from Britney too. I still supported her and bought her album though.

  • Jon

    Actually I really like this album! I can tell she really was in the driver’s seat this time instead of just doing what’s “next” and what will be “big.” She did her thing and it came through!

  • Michael

    This album is so forgettable it’s almost unbelievable, all the songs are so uninspired and lack all kinds of substance (mostly in the dance tracks)… and 13 songs? only thirteen songs? did she record this album in a day…? Mostly if not every song sounds like a generic B rate track that some producers thought britney could lay vocals on and turn to gold… I can’t even. Mind you, I’m a Brintey fan through and through… this was just disappointing. Still love her though with her awkward interviews and her robotic answers xoxo

  • Fre

    Been a fan for years, bigger fan than most :P, I even share Britney’s Bday with her! (Dec 2nd)

    THIS was one of her most relaxed interviews in YEARS! I’m satisfied. She fidgeted WAY more on the recent radio interviews and other interviews posted on MuuMuse’s blog.

    I LOVE Britney, but uhm when was she EVER not acting like a ten year old? Even at the height of her fame and “normal acting” years. Britney is no scholar, but we still love her!

    My only criticism is LET’S NOT LIE BRITNEY! She keeps saying this is the “most dancing she’s done in years” BITCH PLEASE! I will always love her but we already know we’re gonna get some Femme Fatale realness all over that stage. (Even though she was 10x’s better live for FEMME than the CIRCUS tour)

    I just want BRITNEY to GET SOME INTERVIEW SKILLS! SOME TRAINING! GaGa sounds like she is running for office sometimes, comes off so well read, polished, funny and down to earth.

    Britney doesn’t come off scared for her life anymore, she’s more relaxed. But BRITNEY SEEMS like a that popular girl who keeps her responses short because YOU AREN’T COOL ENOUGH for her to be real with you. It comes off aloof, where as GaGa or Katy even Miley come off being down to earth, friendly and human. ROBOT BRITNEY is gone though finally.

    I just think Britney is CONSTANTLY SCARED of doing something wrong and being sent to rehab, which is horrible if you think about it. She can’t trust her team or family enough to just “breathe” and give responses from her heart, almost to the point she is being fed everything she says for fear of losing her kids and being forced into rehab and having her meds dosage upped!

    #FreeBritney I miss the “onyx” days when Britney was a tamer Rihanna, did what she wanted and SAID what she wanted!

  • stan

    The more and more I listen to Britney Jean the better and better it gets. Its completely catchy, and where as I found it not to be all the personal – I actually do think its shines a light on aspects of her life that we have yet to hear from her in a long time. Her vocals are weak at times but lets all be serious for moment and question to ourselves if we are all that surprised.

    Where I appreciate the opinions of others I do not understand why anyone would want her to fail. If you wanna see a performance hop on a plane.

    Either way – like it or hate it … it all comes down to the fact that this album is for her fans. She said it, her die hards know it…. I hope it smashes, and if it doesnt…. she’ll still be back racking in more $$’s than those writing these opinions.

    as for the interview…. shes a doll. haters gon hate..

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