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Britney Spears: ‘Britney Jean’ – Full Stream!

Britney Jean, the eighth studio album from Britney Spears isn’t due out until December 3 but you can listen to it in full on iTunes now! Featuring dance hit “Work Bitch” and second single “Perfume,” the album includes collaborations with (executive producer), T.I., and Brit‘s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears, while production and writing credits come from William Orbit, Sia, Katy Perry, Richard Vission and Afrojack. There are still many thoughts to be gathered, but I am currently enjoying what I’m hearing from Britney Jean but nothing is really sticking out to me. The club bangers “It Should Be Easy”, “Til It’s Gone,” “Body Ache,” and “Tik Tik Boom” are decent but nothing we haven’t heard from her before. Then there’s the “something more personal songs,” which are actually not bad songs, but would maybe sound better coming from a much stronger singer. This whole era has been a little lackluster since its started so I’m not completely surprised that the album isn’t up to par with Britney‘s previous efforts. Its a nice new side of Brit Brit but the material just doesn’t match her status. You guys be your own judge though – Click below to listen to the album in full now!

Listen to the upcoming eigth studio album from the legendary Miss Britney Spears on iTunes NOW!


  • Greg

    The middle section of the album is great. The slow songs leave something to be desired… not her best album but I’m okay with that. I will go see her in Vegas regardless.

  • Andy

    That Will.I.Am (It Should Be Easy) should be burned. HORRIBLE! Other than that, this album is decent. Nothing special from Britney. Perfume and Alien are the only two tracks that stand out to me.

    • Idolized101

      I hate to say this…but with the other tracks being a pile of crap I kinda like, even love Britney Spears – It Should Be Easy (feat.


  • Mario

    till its gone reminds me of stronger… that song can work as a single.
    Body Ache is Horrible, considering I Like afrojack.
    With that said, I believe the next single should be Alien.

  • Allen

    Til It’s Gone is the standout. Album is a grower. I remember not liking Madonna’s Ray of Light at first and now it’s my favorite Madonna album. I think this album will be very similar. Good Job Brit!

  • MARY

    Cute Album, I really don’t get the Ray of Light comparisons though. Could do with out Will I Am, his stuff sounds very dated.
    As for this being her most personal album I have to disagree, Blackout to me was her most personal album.
    Still going to Vegas! <3 me some BJ!

    • Allen

      I don’t think this is Britney’s Ray of Light by any stretch. I was just making a comparison to “how I felt” upon hearing Madonna’s Ray of Light. It was a different album for Madonna at the time, like I believe this is a different album for Britney at this time. I didn’t love either album upon first listen, but I strongly believe that will change. I agree…not a fan of Will and Blackout was also personal.

  • Spencer

    You’re delusional. The album is beyond. She is doing things she did when she started out with her voice. Hitting us with INSANE dance tracks. Where the fuck are you dancing? Clearly no where. The entire arrangements of these songs and production alone is major. She is using her voice AND FOR ONCE having “HIGH NOTES” in MULTIPLE SONGS. Please reserve several seats because you can take them.

    Britney Jean is flaw-fucking-free, and this is only 10 of 14 tracks. We have 12 of that, and 2 more to come…please. EVERYONE purchase a life alert bracelet because Britney Jean is taking LIVES.

  • Ifuseeklouie

    “Til It’s gone” is EPIC! Pure Pop Perfection! “Tik Tik Boom” & “Body Ache” need to be radio singles ASAP! Britney is known for her phenomenal dance tracks and she delivered with those! However idk why people are hating on the other tracks? “Alien” “Passenger” and “Don’t Cry” are a great change of pace for Britney! I’m glad she experimented and poured her heart into these tracks and wrote on them unlike past albums. She ‘s a rich woman who doesn’t need nor care about numbers or chart positions anymore, she said she made this for her diehard fans and I’m grateful for it! I love this album, it’ has a lil something for everyone in it! But most of all it’s Britney B**ch! I’m seeing her Vegas show next month! Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Alex

    Really loving the album, although Im a major stan. First 8 tracks are ace, not keen on the last two and haven’t listened to the deluxe tracks.
    Definitely better than Prism and BANGERZ, but not ARTPOP.

  • christopher

    LOL the delusional is alive in all these replies to this Britney post.

    but I guess if you really love someone you enjoy all their stuff, even if it is lackluster and basically shit. I.E This album

  • Andrew

    After listening a few times I am really enjoying this cd. It may be weird but I think Chillin’ With You is one of my favorites off this album. I think Britney and her sister made a very good track and sound really good together. Favorite songs have to be : Body Ache, Till it’s Gone and Chillin’ With You. Great job on this cd Britney, can’t wait to meet you in Feburary!

  • Chris

    There is nothing remarkable on this album. There are of course going to be die hard fans (I’m one of them) who would swear that a track of Brit singing the alphabet would go to number one.

    BUT. The material is generic, the songs are not as personal as Brit/her team led us to believe it would be, and the “high notes” have been incredibly manipulated with ProTools. The girl can actually sing, no doubt, but she’s not interested in proving it. Also, Chillin’ With You– so cheesy, and the vocal editing was done horribly, especially on Jamie Lynn’s part. And as we know by Jamie Lynn’s new country single, she can actually sing, so I don’t know what’s up with that. I just think Britney is a slave (see what I did there) to the contracts, the industry, and her handlers, to keep churning out “music” every 2.5 years. She’s a puppet. Even when she’s on stage, you can tell she just wants to get off.

    I am curious to see how this will do on the charts, seeing as it leaked so early AND seeing as she has done absolutely no promotion for it except on Twitter.

  • Ron

    Her best? Definitely not in my opinion. But its not a bad effort. Im glad that shes put some effort back into writing again. My issue is that the album is so short. 10 songs, not including the 4 on the deluxe, one of which is a remix. Also, Id have liked a couple more club bangers. Great songs, just not a ton of great hits. Itll definitely grow on me though.

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