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Pitbull: ‘That High’ Featuring Kelly Rowland!

Following the success of his Ke$ha-assisted hit single “Timber,” Pitbull has been preparing the the re-release of his seventh studio album Global Warming titled Meltdown, which is scheduled for release on November 25 via Mr. 305 and RCA Records. The set which is also being released as a EP features new tracks with Mayer Hawthorne, Mohombi, INNA, and the always legendary Kelly Rowland on “That High” – the only song that really matters here. Even though “That High” follows Pitbull‘s usual dance-pop formula, its still a hot song with a club-ready beat and a killer hook from Miss Rowland. I’m hoping this one gets the next single treatment. What do you guys think?

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    • Jasmine

      I don’t think his music sells that well. This is from a re-release of his CD? I did not even know he had a CD out. Him and J.Lo are as generic as it gets with music creativity. The generic dance stuff is cute but does not transition into music sales so what is the point? He was better when he was on TVT Records working with Lil Jon (Culo, 305 Anthem, Go Girl, The Anthem, Sticky Icky, Fuego, etc). J. Lo was better when she was working with Diddy.

  • Paul

    Should of started with the chorus like Timber and The Monster. Would of made the song more radio friendly and probably reach a higher number on the charts!!

  • Ricky

    Idk why he insists on not at least trying different beats and shit if he’s going to continue with generic dance songs. I mean christ.

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