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Britney Spears: ‘Brightest Morning Star’ + ‘Britney Jean’ Sampler!

Tracks off the new Britney Spears album Britney Jean just keep popping up and we are still two weeks away from its official release on December 3! The latest in the Brit Brit leaks is the Sia co-penned and Dr.Luke produced “Bright Morning Star,” a touching power ballad dedicated to her two children Sean Preston and Jayden James. That’s not all though, we also have an album sampler featuring 30-second clips of every track on included on the deluxe edition of Britney Jean. The sampler definitely is not enough to judge the album just yet but the clips give us a good idea of what to expect and it all sounds pretty solid. What is clear is that this is a much different album we are getting from Britney. Should be an interesting listenin indeed. What do you guys think so far?

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  • Dan

    I’m a huge Britney music fan, but this album just sounds like such a lazy effort on her team’s part. This album does not play her as the vixen we’ve come to love and dance to, but a simple girl trying to put out an CD…and it hurts to say but her incredibly weak vocals on this don’t help her case.

    This will be her first cd that I don’t support, and that says a lot…

    • Matthew

      Well i hope to yezus that she wouldn’t try to be a vixen in a song for her children. This is vulnerable and I think that at this point in her career I think it’s about time she got to make music and art for herself.

      • Jasmine

        I see your point. I agree somewhat. I think with this album there appears to be too many filler tracks included. The album needs more smash songs. I liked the production on Blackout and Circus was good too. Her last album, FF, was good but not as good as Blackout. Hopefully this album has some surprises on it. I noticed the Parental Advisory sticker on the cover so I’m hoping that is an indication of some good surprises on the CD.

  • Samy

    This album is perfect , especially at this point of her career this is the music she should be doing and it has a little bit of everything to please everyone

  • Jon

    I’m getting major “Oops” era flashbacks. The sampler sounds very promising. I definitely like hearing more of her voice. It definitely sounds like it was a project she spear-headed. 🙂

  • andrew

    i was excited after hearing perfume and passenger. it seemed like the album was going in an interesting direction. but judging by the album sampler, this effort is sounding more and more like a production gone awry. granted, hearing the album in its entirety may change my perception, but the sampler is not an encouraging sign. i don’t know WHY they let him oversee production. don’t get me wrong, the album won’t be BAD, just nothing groundbreaking. very meh. sounds like the best tracks will be body ache, til it’s gone and passenger, the former two sounding femme fatale-ish. i agree – artists should eventually be able to make an album for themselves, but this can also be a slippery slope to “has-been.” radio has NOT embraced work bitch or perfume, and the charts don’t indicate this will change. larry rudolph needs to step up his game!

    • Luke

      Haha, so true.

      Not feeling this album, really loved Circus and FF, but this doesn’t sound anything like a Britney album, just a bit boring. Obviously I love some of the tracks: till it’s gone sounds amazing, and I don’t know why Morning Star is a bonus track, it’s one of the best?!

      I’ll enjoy this album for what it is, but it’s defo not a good sign when, after hearing an album, to be looking forward to her next one more than getting the one about to be released :/

  • Alfonso

    Her voice hasn’t changed much just the production and i like it honestly. i mean she hasn’t done a good ballad in a while so i’m excited to have new Britney music!

  • vampire

    Seriously, this is definitely one of her most emotional albums and the choice in sounds are unexpected and make it a stand out album from everything else that is out there. She wanted to be artsy for a change, and more mature…it worked. Take a breather, adjust and accept what Godney is throwing down because it’s pretty fucking fierce.
    She did it for her “Die hard Fans” I actually believe that now

  • Jonathan

    So refreshing to hear. She needed an update, This album seems more like the Britney underneath all the synth and its amazing. Ive always been a fan but when every disney starlet is putting out dance synthed up vocals it all blends together. Britney needed to stand out and show the kind of talent she has truly. BRAVA!!!

  • Matt

    This album wasn’t trying to show the Britney we’ve all come to love, she’s at a different point in her life and I think this album shows that. Im in love with the snippets and Im sure people will be saying different once the album is released.

  • Cameron

    I’m a huge Britney fan, but her voice sounds awkward in this. Almost like a different singer…. It’s not a horrible album, but I didn’t hear a single song I liked. My taste is different, but I just find this to be a mess.

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