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A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera: ‘Say Something’ Video Premiere!

A Great Big World teams up with Christina Aguilera for the premiere of their latest music video for “Say Something“! The track is the New York City duo’s first major release after signing a record deal with Epic Records earlier this year. The original version of “Say Something” was sent to digital retailers back in September but then was re-recorded recently with Christina‘s vocals as the official single version for their upcoming album Is There Anybody Out There. Here we have the accompanying music video for the emotional piano ballad, which was shot shortly after they performed the song together on The Voice. In the clip, the trio perform the ballad as shots of fighting couples, scared children, and grieving widows act out the heartbreaking lyrics in-between. The simplicity of it all really make it work and its clear they’re aiming for big success with this song. Super smart move Xtina! What do you guys think?

BUY A Great Big World’s new single “Say Something” w/ Christina Aguilera on iTunes NOW!


  • Rich

    Wow! Simply powerful.

    @ALDRIN – In total agreement. This moved me to tears.

    Maybe Xtina should work with them a bit more often. I like when she holds back her vocal power a bit and shows us a different side.

  • JJ

    Wow. For once Christina doesn’t actually go into overkill. I was holding my breath the whole song waiting for her verse to come in and ruin it, but all went well! *Applause*

  • DJH

    What was the point of adding Christina to this song? It has already been playing on the radio for a month or more without her vocals, and she adds nothing. She is SUCH a flop- she can’t have a successful single on her own, so she has to jump onto this song because it’s gaining popularity? #desperate

    Also, what is the second guy doing in this video just standing at the piano not singing or doing anything?

    • James

      Okay first: You’re an idiot. The guy with him is one of the 2 guys in the band “Great Big World” please do your damn research. And second: Christina adds a gorgeous voice that is COMPLETELY different from most anything she’s ever done. Also, as rich as she is and the fact that she’s on tv proves that SHE DOESN’T NEED to release a fucking single to please unnecessary people like you. When she feels like it, she will. I’m sorry, I’m just not really partial to ignorance.

    • mellz

      my god!!!
      who are u actually??

      xtina help this band to get some exposure dude… get ur fact right next time…. the second they release & perform it together…the song sold 360% more than before…
      the fact that she didn’t oversing it, shows that she’s a wonderful artist…if she really want to jump onto ‘somebody’ song, she’s gonna go hard & kill it with her power voice

      and yes… that dude is member of the band
      do you know macklemore & ryan lewis??…. is ryan lewis sing anything??…i wonder are u really listen to the current music…. just saying

      peace out

  • MusicManDave

    I had a very good idea that this video was going to be just as emotional as the song itself. They totally fit together “Props”

    Christina totally makes the song come alive with vocals like no other. She truly is one of the best vocalists out in the music business today so “Props” to her as well.

    As far as the story behind the video, I became so emotionally attached to the old couple as this was how I once felt when losing someone close to my heart as I had to let go in the same fashion.

    Good Job guys!

  • Jenn

    This video fits the song so incredibly well. I’m so excited to see what they come up with next on their EP that comes out 1/21! 🙂

  • YourFriend

    I think the song stood on it’s own without, Christina Aguilera. Not saying she made it worse… adding her was okay, at best…

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