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Lola Blanc: ‘Bad Tattoo’ Video Premiere!

After releasing the catchy tune over the summer, Hollywood-based pop vixen Lola Blanc finally premieres the music video for her debut single “Bad Tattoo“! Exclusively premiered on, the clip was filmed by director Lorenzo de Guia in downtown Los Angeles, and showcases Blanc’s signature “technicolor pop” style. “I’d been friends with Lorenzo for a while. He called me up excited one day about the idea of making a video that was essentially a series of Lola-esque photo shoots,” Blanc shared about the video. “We teamed up with an amazing company called Madera Design to create all of these colorful environments…The end result is basically what my brain looks like, and I love it!” I gotta give it to her, for a unsigned artist, the video was executed great. Its fun, cheeky, colorful, and serves as a great intro for Lola. Looking forward to more! What do you guys think?

BUY Lola Blanc’s debut single “Bad Tattoo” on iTunes NOW!


  • patrick

    She has little to do with Natalia kills, even in terms of style. She is going for a rockabilly kinda look and it works for her. Def Amy Winehouse looks but her voice is different to both. She gives me a Neon Hitch voice, especially the voice.

  • bLaine kelley

    i was in Love with this song from the moment i first heard it over the summer, and her live clips i’ve seen have been promising.

    but this video was boring as fuck.
    …and the “we can’t stop” allusion going on in the beginning did nothing to help its case =/

    she had no personality in the video which doesn’t fit the song.
    it’s like colorful visuals, but her energy was lethargic.

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