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Britney Spears: ‘Alien’ Demo From ‘Britney Jean’

The impact of Britney Spears is quite strong today. Aside from it being the 10th anniversary of In The Zone, we now have a brand-new song from Godney’s upcoming eighth studio album, Britney Jean. Its the opening track on the record called “Alien,” which found its way online in demo form earlier this morning – and it sounds super promising! Produced by William Orbit, “Alien” is a chilled out pop tune about loneliness that features a simplistic melodic hook and a stomping beat similar to Femme Fatale‘s “He About To Lose Me.” While the song doesn’t give me single vibes, I think it will stand out nicely as an album track. William Orbit tweeted early this morning that this version of “Alien” is slightly different from the one on the album. What do you guys think so far?

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  • Freaky

    I think with all the songs that came out, plus the two that leaked out.. it already sounding like her best album yet. I mean she wanted it RAW and PERSONAL and I think she done that perfectly!

  • Daniel

    I’d much rather listen to Alien and Passenger over Work Bitch and Perfume. William Orbit’s production is brilliant and captivating as always and Passenger has very solid vocals and great lyrics. Work Bitch is garbage; crappy beat, annoying British accent (which was so much better on Scream and Shout) and Perfume isn’t much better; her vocals aren’t great, lyrics are stupid and it’s just a real bore and not Everytime Part 2. The worst songs were chosen to lead the album, and their performance on the charts reflect that. Hope more hits are found on Britney Jean!!

  • Christopher

    I seriously can’t at some of you saying Britneys vocals are “Raw”. Like C’mon.
    The delusion is fawkin real & here I am thinkin it wasn’t!

    I hope theres at least one hit song for Britney this era since it’s not doing well. Cuz without sales, what is Britney?

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