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Rihanna: ‘What Now’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s latest music video for “What Now“! The track serves as the fifth official single from her seventh studio album Unapologetic, which is available in stores now. The clip, directed by The Uprising Creative, was shot over the summer in Phuket, Thailand. “‘What Now‘ is one of those songs that you can get really boring with the visual,” RiRi said during the making of the clip. “Everybody’s probably expecting like a narrative type of video, a love story of some sorts, something really soft and pretty. It is pretty and kinda soft, but it’s really a little demented.” The video is basically a insane asylum glamour shoot and I ain’t mad at all. What do you guys think?


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  • Tre

    I love it! Not what I expected but it is amazing. Very interesting visually and I love that RiRi looks trouble and demented but stunning at the same time. Always 1 of my favourites from Unapologetic.So glad this song is an official single.

  • Carlos Perez

    What’s with Rihanna’s singles this year? No summer hit, no video for Right Now, and the videos for Pour it Up and What Now are released months late…

  • MARY

    Beautiful! Fits the song perfectly!!!!!!!
    The song is kind of Twisted as well,
    “Whatever it is, it feels like it’s laughing at me
    Through the glass of a two-sided mirror
    Whatever it is, it’s just sitting there laughing at me
    And I just wanna scream”
    Thanks RiRi! Leave the boring sappy shit for people like Taylor Swift!

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