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Lady Gaga: ‘ARTPOP’ Review + ‘artRAVE’ Performances!

Yesterday marked the official release of ARTPOP, the third studio album from Lady Gaga! While everyone already seems to have concrete opinions on Mother Monster, the album alone speaks for itself as one of her best efforts yet. The 15-track record has its ups and downs, but they’re mostly the same triumphs and faults from her previous albums, only now they’re unapologetic and hitting harder in ARTPOP‘s modern, over-the-top, and somewhat messy concept. The choruses are bigger, the lyrics are weirder and wilder, and Gaga herself seems more free than ever. Her ARTPOP really could mean anything. From the ridiculous yet amazing “Venus,” to the seductive “Sexxx Dreams,” the incredibly infectious second single “Do What U Want,” or even the out-of-place hip-hop drenched “Jewels N’ Drugs.” It’s here that she finally cements her sound. Let’s be real: Lady Gaga is a much different artist than the aspiring New Yorker who gave us The Fame in 2008. She may always be the awkward weirdo amongst her contemporaries, but her existence as a pop star is undeniably important and she has the talent to back it up. No other artist demands pop radio to adapt to her and that’s why ARTPOP is a standout pop record. Its sonically interesting while still catering to the mainstream radio-friendliness of today’s pop climate and she deserves every amount of your applause for staying true to herself. In celebration of the release, Gaga hit the stage at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Sunday (November 10) in New York City. Check out all the performances from her #VEVOartRave below – she absolutely killed it!

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