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Mariah Carey: ‘The Art of Letting Go’ Single Premiere!

The wait is over! As promised, Mariah Carey has just premiered her brand-new single “The Art of Letting Go“! The track serves as the second official single off her upcoming fourteenth studio album of the same name, which is due out early next year via Island Records. Produced by Rodney Jerkins, “The Art of Letting Go” is a gorgeous piano-led ballad that brings back the Mariah we all fell in love with. “This is such a personal record to me. I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that’s holding them back or bringing them down,” Mariah shared along with the song. “Thank you for sharing this experience with me!” Everything about this song is so very Mariah and those vocals at the end (LAWD) – I love it! My only issue with the song is that it doesn’t sound like a single. What do yo guys think?

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  • Roy

    What do you want her to do? Shit into a bottle and call Max Martin to make a Rihanna fast food pop hit? Youre ridiculous and clearly from the generation that started to ruin music. Go to school little boy.

    • Christopher

      Give me a break! I loved Mariah Carey back in the day..believe me! I am not a little boy and love all kinds of music so please don’t assume what you don’t know. Mariah Carey…does the same thing over and over she never offers anything new. For God’s sake the woman has been posing the same in her promotional pictures, wearing the same low cut dresses, holding her ear when she lips the song, and still uses the same Mariah Carey font…she doesn’t know anything about originality. She has an amazing talent but has never advanced as an artist….

      • Cal

        I usually respect others opinions but SERIOUSLY? Mariah is not original? That’s such a joke I cant. The girl got a hit with a vintage R&B throwback this summer and she’s unoriginal? Please. Who cares what she wears or her fonts, that’s her signature brand that she established ORIGINALLY. Are any of your faves releasing gospel/jazz 90’s ballads as their singles? Next.

      • abe

        Mr. Christopher mariah invented original, in-originality doesn’t get you 18 number ones, being the best will do that for you. Also, the font wasn’t even around when she first came around. Mariah voice is too beautiful for EDM and don’t get me wrong i love EDM too. She can be innovative by trying new things with her voice and she does if you listened to non singles. Originality isn’t all about being crazy and wearing meat dresses its about becoming a better artist which she is. Thank you

      • leslie

        Why on earth are you judging her based on marketing? She probably doesn’t make any of those decisions herself. She’s an artist based on her talent alone, she doesn’t need to reinvent herself left and right if she’s got the fundamentals down.

  • Idolized101

    Ok so I see near the end of the song how its totally Mariah Carey. But during the beginning I get heavy waves of Christina Aguilera – Just a fool. Not a bad thing. But Just felt the same.

  • Roy

    It’s just annoying how ridiculous the minds of people are today regarding music. Christopher has no idea what a song like this, compared to say…California Girls, or Please Don’t Stop the Music, or We R Who We R, takes to be made. The production, the vocals, the layoring, the fricking orchestra…this is quality. Basic artists need to bow down to Queen Mimi. Quality baby.

  • Superpabel

    Soulful and inspirational. Perfectly driven to a final explosive vocal performance in line with the sense of liberation and relief of the lyrics.

  • MusicManDave

    Let’s all embrace the talent behind the music here. Mariah has been with us for a very long time and always gives 100% of what she feels is the best music for her career and at the moment. This may not be the style of music some people were hoping for but I appreciate her going back to her roots where it all began. We all know she will have a couple of uptempo songs on the album but until then, we need to be patient and accept what she has given us and embrace it. In my opinion, this is a beautifully well written ballad. I enjoy the old 45 record needle playing in the back round as well as the lovely melody behind it. Her voice is still flawless. We all had someone in our life that we “Let Go” and believe me it ain’t easy. The ending soars as she takes us through her journey.

    Mariah – If you happen to come across this page, continue to give us nothing but what you feel is your very best and I will continue be there through your journey. You are one of best singer/song writers to ever come out and I am happy to be here for it.

    MusicManDave ooxx

  • Cal

    I was a little uneasy at first but after a couple more listens I fell in love. I love how Mariah doesn’t play by the rules and she does whatever she wants. She’s making other pop girls take notes 23+ years later. This is totally the 2014 version of “Vision Of Love.” Clearly this will not be a commercial “hit” but I think mariah released this because of the season and because it’s a good indicator of what to come from the album.

  • Rob

    Music wasn’t “ruined”, it was just changed, and the way that music used to be is great but artists have learned from that and innovated music to make it unique and an expression of their own. So don’t bash artists like Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy, or Lady Gaga who are having fun with their careers, trying to express themselves, and creating something everyone can enjoy. But rather, embrace the music, and learn what it takes to make the new music because a lot of hard work and effort goes into it. I appreciate Mariah and her vocals are flawless and sound effortless, and I know she works hard. I respect her, and I really like this song. But I don’t think there should be a battle between different artists, and I don’t think we should say music is being ruined. I think we should all enjoy what is created and what we have in store for us in the future. Music is headed in an entirely new direction thanks to these artists, and if you really take the time, you can see the elements of older music being reflected into the new music. Artists are changing music, and they are changing it for the better. So, don’t hate, just love, and enjoy the music.

    • Liz

      Your point is valid yet I think they’re referring to the vain and vapid lyrics these newer artists implement that promote drugs, partying, and sex *cough* gaga *cough*

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