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Celine Dion: ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Giveaway!

Today marks the official release of Loved Me Back To Life, the brand-new album from international icon Celine Dion. It’s been a little over six years since the 45-year-old Canadian diva released an English-language album, and now, the wait is finally over. Featuring the pulsating single “Loved Me Back To Life” and writing and production credits from Sia, Ne-Yo, Babyface, Tricky Stewart, Play Production and more, the album is packed with songs that are current, classy, and sophisticated, while still playing to her strengths – aka, her always flawless voice. Loved Me Back To Life is a highly enjoyable adult pop album. In celebration of the release we are giving away 3 copies of the album. Find out how to enter below – good luck!

BUY Celine Dion’s eleventh English-language studio album Loved Me Back To Life on iTunes NOW!

How To Enter: (U.S Only!!)
Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite Celine song.
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1. Loved Me Back To Life
2. Somebody Loves Somebody
3. Incredible (duet with Ne-Yo)
4. Water And A Flame
5. Breakaway
6. Save Your Soul
7. Didn’t Know Love
8. Thank You
9. Overjoyed (duet with Stevie Wonder)
10. Thankful
11. At Seventeen
12. Always Be Your Girl
13. Unfinished Songs

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  1. fav song: Incredible! looks like an amazing album from what I’ve heard

  2. AWWW!! this is so awful, a big great copy of Rihanna, Adèle and Amy Wihouse style…. if she could at least write a song. This is definitively not her style,,, sexy music is for sexy girl and lounge music is for lounge girl i think…. got to sleep Celine!

  3. My fav song is Incredible! So excited for this!

  4. My favorite song is Somebody love somebody (the intro remember “somebody that i used to know-Gotye”)

  5. Taking Chances (Remix)

  6. Derrick Reyes

    Favorite song is “Didn’t know love”

  7. Tech i should be able to enter this as well, considering i’m only above the US 😛 CANADA 😀
    So i’ll take my chances!

    Favorite track: Save your soul
    The melody and atmosphere is intense.

    Evan Beausoleil

  8. Allen Lee

    Fave Song from this album: Incredible
    Fave Celine Song: That’s the Way It Is

  9. Shane Hauge

    Fave song: All By Myself

  10. Tyrone Tamakloe

    That’s the Way It Is

  11. Matthew Bonne
    Favorite album track: Always Be Your Girl
    Favorite Celine song: Everybody’s Talkin’ My Baby Down

  12. Joe Lee
    Favorite Celine song = Because You Loved Me

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