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Lady Gaga: ‘Dope’ Premiere!

Lady Gaga has been giving her Little Monsters a new song each week leading up to the release of ARTPOP on November 11. Even though the album has found its way online over the weekend, the 27-year-old pop star has officially released “Dope,” as promised. Written by Gaga herself and produced by Rick Rubin, the track sees the diva showing off her powerful pipes on the raw piano ballad about substance abuse and lost love. Forget big production, “Dope” draws all attention to Gaga‘s voice without any interference – its beautiful. This is the Gaga that’s hard not to love. What do you guys think?

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  • CG Girl

    It’s nice but not really a single that should have been released. I wish she would have released gypsy and maybe gave “Dope” to a movie soundtrack.

    She revealed mostly all of her songs so I am not looking forward to the release. And ARTPOP is not her best album. It has some real gems (Mary Jane Holland, Swine) on there–but only a few. For her to be in such a creative space and have such a lengthy break I wish she would have released songs that would have years of staying power instead of only a few months staying power.

    It’s definitely not commercial but I do like this kind of music, but she could have done so much more–considering how uber-talented she is, so ARTPOP gets 3/5. I will blast it but I know I will be over it in a few months, it’s no ‘Born this Way’ or ‘Fame Monster’. But hey she has her whole life ahead of her to redeem herself.

  • Fre

    Kinda let down JONALI didn’t mention this song was showcased at her iTunes festival as “I Wanna Be With You” and she changed all of the lyrics into this song here. I adore GaGa but I’m so pissed! The original lyrics from the iTunes “I Wanna Be With You” version was more pleasing, and gave the song a Elton John CLASSIC feel. This drugged up version of the lyrics makes me sad. It feels cringe worthy and trying too hard to seem deep. Yes, the “Be With You” lyrics were generic and sounded to much like “You & I” BUT SO WHAT! This could have been a massive hit for GaGa if she left the lyrics alone! ARTPOP is an amazing record, I’m surprised how great it is.

  • Andy

    I love this song! seeing her perform it live at the ytma was even better! It is why I love her so much! She’s raw creative and so far what i’ve heard I haven’t been able to stop listening to! Venus is another song I can’t seem to get out of my head. Go GAGA <3

  • Mac

    Meh. I heard the album leaked..going to check it out.. I hope I like it, but I dont have a lot of faith. Im guessing Ill like maybe HALF the songs. We shall see….

  • RICK

    The chorus was hilarious, in the saddest kind of way. This is the kind of trash you get when self-important pop stars start to think their ability to sing is somehow related to their ability to write a song.

    Her career used to be about fun, catchy music. Now her career seems to be centered around some mystical quasi-art where acting like a mentally stunted asylum patient is somehow in vogue. I don’t even think she is trying anymore.

  • Frank

    I just feel like beating the shit out of cynics and self-renowned critics. No one asked for your neat (trash) disapproval. Keep scrolling down!

    This song reeks of admittance to hopeless love. It’s like listening to the best singing drunkard. You might judge, you might pity, but you will stop and listen.

    I don’t really care for her, but if you want to talk contemporary music, Lady GaGa IS the BEST “BIGGEST” POP there is.

  • Clint

    ARTPOP is an AMAZING album. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the album very much from what was released and teased. But now that the album has leaked and I have heard the finishes project, it’s amazing! Def can’t be listened to on small speakers. Need a good sound system to get the full effect of the album.

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