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Britney Spears: ‘Perfume’ Single Premiere!

After teasing the track all week, Britney Spears premieres her brand-new single “Perfume“! The track serves as the second official single off her upcoming eighth studio album Britney Jean, which is scheduled for release on December 3 via RCA Records. Co-written with Sia and produced by, Chris Braide and Keith Harris, “Perfume” is a gorgeous ballad that wrestles with the possibility of an ex moving on to another woman. “‘Perfume’ is incredibly special to me because it hits close to home, and I think the story is relatable to everyone,” Britney told E! News. “Everyone’s been through an insecure moment in a relationship that’s left them vulnerable and I think this song captures that.” The song feels like the kind of big lighters anthemic ballad that will be huge and its nice to hear Britney show off her voice – I missed this Brit. What do you guys think?

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  • Idolized101

    Hmmmm….Britney is not the best singer. But when I saw the lyrics to this I swore it was going to be a club banger. This is a song that is personal but clearly isnt anything ground breaking……

  • andrew

    wasn’t really sure what to think at first. but then i was liking it by the halfway point. interesting direction, both vocally and as the choice for single #2. can’t remember the last time a britney ballad performed really strongly (“sometimes”?), although i guess it would be more accurate to describe this one as midtempo.

    • Danh Do

      Last time I felt in love with a ballad from Brit was “Everytime”.

      This song “Perfume” does not feel like a hit to me, but personally I know I am loving this song because this brings back the old Britney Spears, the one who gave us Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again.

      Besides, does anyone feel that if “Inside Out” is released this era, it can be a hit?

  • CG Girl

    Commercial..Top 40 ballad.. vocals. Will score a top 10 hit for sure. My personal opinion her strongest song since Hold it Against Me.” …Not that she hasn’t had other good singles but I feel like the old superstar Britney is back and is coming back with clear focus now, and I am excited to see what she has in store. I like ‘Work’ but it only appeals to club lovers and it did not have mass appeal.

  • Carlos Perez

    was looking forward to it a lot… but idk… it’s just not interesting or different. and for a song this safe, it’s not even catchy enough!

  • Cal

    Clearly I’m alone in thinking this but what did I just listen to? This is horrible and this is coming from a Brit fan. It sounds so cheap, her vocals sound so weird and fake, and the song itself is definitely subpar from a powerhouse writer Sia. Let’s not talk about the cheesy lyrics..
    I honestly thought this song was a joke. Plus it sounds like a wannabe Wrecking Ball. This era is such a disappointment for me, bring back Femme Fatale 🙁

    • Perfumeeeee

      Pls dont be silly…Femme Fatale is probably one of the worst albums she had (i liked 5 songs from it tho) and although the album wasn’t as good I bought it to show support for my girl. This album however seems VERY promising, it’s been ages since she had a song with zero autotune in it and i am so happy to hear her voice crystal clear again! She sounds great 😀 And if you think femme fatale was her best album then you are deaf….those songs are way too commercial and she didnt sound her best in it.

    • Bob

      Clearly you weren’t born or grew up in the 90’s era if you think her femme fatale was her best album. You are a britney bandwagon who started listening to her stuff when she she started femme fatale and believe that is her best album.

  • Shane

    No offense Cal, but if you don’t like this & want more Femme Fatale, you are not a ‘real’ Brit fan…you just like generic music. lbvs…

    • Cal

      And who are you to decide what makes me a ‘real’ fan? Sory that I am only a fan of pure pop Britney and that’s what I want more from her aka Femme Fatale. That album was pop perfection from start to finish but ignore my two cents because I’m not a ‘real’ fan and therefore I have to go along with the Britney stans and say this autotuned garbage is good because “it’s a more personal Britney.” If I wanted personal music I would listen to someone else, not Britney.


    I freakin’ love it! I really don’t like slow songs but in this case im willing to give it a try. I already purchased it on Itunes!

    #britneyarmy #perfume

  • Paul

    This is definitely a hit. Remember Lucky and Everytime? Both were big songs and got great exposure. This is a great side of her, and a big thing sharing this vulnerability we haven’t seen in years. It’s amazing.

  • Sean

    I don’t know what y’all are smoking. I had a really hard time getting through this song. Vocally, lyrically…painful listen.

  • Blake

    Lol, wow. That was painful. Clearly her voice is layered with someone else’s and that doesn’t make it any better. This will not be a hit, sorry guys. It’s pretty much the same note the whole song.

  • Oliver

    Hmm I’ve been a Brit fan from the beginning. Not sure I’m feeling this yet. Maybe a few more listens n it’ll grow on me.

    Oh n I hate it when people say someone is not a “real” fan of someone. Since when was it up to you to decide who’s a real fan?

  • Johan

    why are all of her Cds singles from this era….she looks like a fucking teenager on them… 0_o she needs to quit doing that, just like Avril Lavigne

  • adam

    i think people need to shut up it britney bitch. every artist is going to have a single people will not like its just the way it goes.I Like It

  • Mac

    Oh lord. Another mediocre single? Even though I dont mind either, I like WB better out of the two. I think this will do OK just like WB. Not a good start to an album. The harcore fans will definitely buy her album but people will not be running out to buy this.

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