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Lady Gaga: ‘Venus’ Premiere!

After teasing the song all week, Lady Gaga finally premieres “Venus“! The track is the second promotional single released as part of the iTunes countdown for her upcoming studio album ARTPOP, which is scheduled for release on November 11 via Interscope Records. Produced by Gaga herself with songwriting assistance by DJ White Shadow, Madeon, Dino Zisis and Nick Monson, “Venus” is one amazingly weird pop song. The production’s on point, the beats are sick, the hooks (all 4 of them) are huge, and the massive chorus is undeniably one of her best yet. ARTPOP is already turning out to be one of my favorites of the year, the music is finally matching her outrageous image and its totally working. What do you guys think?

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    • Joseph

      really?? I mean I agree with having your own opinion but all of her songs have massive catchy parts to them unlike anything on the radio. All mainstream music is created to distract humans from what is really important in life any (our spirit and mind) and her music does the best at that imo!

      • Alice

        I just don’t hear the catchy parts, the song is confusing and all over the place. I respect Lady Gaga, probably one of the few artists that can SINGGGG. I just am getting sick of the weird acts and naked photos. Like, this music is too much for me, it’s like she’s trying to be too different. To me, a song needs to be something we can all sing along to. That’s not this at all, and Applause you can barely understand a word of the chorus. It’s not all about being a Number 1, I mean she’s already got a huge fan base. It’s just she’s never going to see number 1 ever again at this rate. These songs honestly do nothing for me, I respect the GAGA fans.. I just don’t see how they can be okay with this.

        • Jay

          Have you seen any of her interviews? She is not trying to make music for the number one spot any more, she making it for her fans and herself. From all the songs I’ve so far, the album is diverse and it works. As for the weird acts, she has been heavily influenced by Marina Abramovic, who is a performance artist. I think she’s trying to put her point of view out there rather than be shocking, I feel that people aren’t searching for her sources of inspiration and just deem it as weird.

    • Idolized101

      Sorry Joseph. I agree. This is horrible. I dont want anyone to compare this to Fame. This album is confusing/Lame/Catchy :/ LOL

      No real fan of The Fame Album would ever say that anything they have heard from this album even touches Singles like: Just Dance, LoveGame, Poker Face. Truth me told even the singles that didnt make it to radio were better then this stuff.
      Example: Money Honey, Boys Boys Boys, Starstruck.

      Truth is that she had something different and she drank her own Koolaid, She needs to remember that she doesnt need a meat dress to be recognized as her voice speaks for itself.

      Anyway I could go on forever.

      • A

        I don’t even know why people like The Fame album. It’s my least favorite. It’s typical. It’s radio friendly dance pop and as she’s proven that’s not her style.

        This song is wicked. In the best way possible. Completely magical. It’s been clear to me for awhile now she’s just about making music she wants to make even it it’s not for everyone.

  • Greg

    After the disaster of the Born This Way, you would think the label would have reigned her in… She needs a reality check before she ends her own career.

    • Clinton

      Disaster of Born This Way? the album with sold over 6 million copies…..and was the 5th best selling digital album of all times….. in this day and age thats a huge success for an album.

  • Michael

    You give this song 3 plays and read the lyrics…it’s going to be a S M A S H. Her lyrics have gotten so metaphorical and creative. Many people may say she’s gotten TOO weird but she’s just gotten more complex. Most of the TOP 40 chart toppers are simple catchy meaningless little ditties that we’ve heard A MILLION times. Gaga is just serving PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Inspired and Inspiring, love this beat right HERE!

    • Andrew

      It is an amazing track and the fact she produced it herself, even better! People just want the same they had before or generic top 40. Gaga isn’t going to give them exactly what they want ever. Still can remember the days when people didn’t love TFM or TF.

    • Katy Mackenzie

      “Uranus! Don’t you know my ass is famous?” Oh yeah, more complex psh no matter how much you defend her she is still going downhill in sales & fans. Artpop makes me think Britney Spears got more talent, I’m officially no longer a monster. Fuck gaga, she’s lost it. She needs redone to make another mister album like the fame monster like Ciara needs Jazze Pha to make another mister album like goodies!

      • michael

        “Uranus! Don’t you know my ass is famous?” is a commentary…taken out of context to make your vapid point. If Gaga cared about the sales she would have gone to RedOne and made a generic dance album which is what i’m guessing you want…generic…but she’s doing her own thing, it’s called brilliance. Gaga’s music isn’t about pleasing basic individuals, it’s about evolution and growth as an artist.
        And for you to think that Britney Spears has ANY talent only goes to show you obviously have no right to have an opinion about music because Gaga is HELLA talented and Britney is a lip syncing puppet. Not to say I don’t adore Britney’s music but it’s not talent she’s selling.

  • Clinton

    I think that the people who liked Gaga when she first came out (Before The Fame) understand her music. The fame was a great album and made her a superstar. The fame monster and Born this way were to me even better albums than the fame. I would rather have an artist re-invent their image and music than put out the same cookie cutter crap every single album. You are going love and hate albums and songs as she puts out different things. I don’t think she is really all that concerned with being number one, she is more concerned about using her fame as a platform to make positive changes in the world.

  • PZ

    I’m surprised at all the hate this song is getting on here. I think that because the Born This Way album was so lame that people have really been turning on her unjustly…people make mistakes, and yes, I HATED the last album, but this one seems like she went back to her roots and I think this song has such a good balance of catchy chorus, pseudo-corny schtick, edge, humor, and intrigue that people have always loved Gaga for. There’s so much generic bullshit out there in the pop world, and this song is very bold, unusual, but so good. I had all but given up on her myself when the last album came out but now I’m super excited.

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