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Erik Hassle Returns with ‘Talk About It’!

After taking a time out to be back home in Sweden, Erik Hassle returns with a brand-new track titled “Talk About It“! Now signed to RCA Records in the United States, the track will serve as the 25-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter’s lead single off his upcoming album which is scheduled for release early next year. “Talk About It” is a soulful and raw electro-pop number packed with a skittering haunting beat and a big bold chorus driven by Erik‘s smooth, elegant vocals. “It is about a girl that was not treating a friend of mine very well. That is where the idea came from,” Erik told Pigeons & Planes. “It was a little bit of a ‘little red corvette’ situation where he just had a feeling that he was not the only ducky, so to speak. I think this girl managed to make everyone very attached to her. I think she got a rush from playing that high-risk game. He was so scared of losing her.” Erik has been one of my favorite male pop vocalists ever since he dropped his debut album Pieces back in 2010 and he never fails to impress me. This is stellar!

Erik Hassle’s new single “Talk About It” will be released on Tuesday (November 5)!


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