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Rebecca Ferguson: ‘I Hope’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rebecca Ferguson‘s latest music video for “I Hope“! The track serves as the lead single off the 2010 X Factor UK runner-ups upcoming sophomore album Freedom, which is scheduled for release in the UK on December 2 via RCA Records. The clip sees Rebecca performing the track in a fabulous apartment looking over a lit-up city while scenes of everyday life situations play in-between. The visual is nice and the concept fits the song well, its just not as engaging as I hoped it would be. The song is still mayjah though! What do you guys think?

Rebecca Ferguson will release her new single “I Hope” on Sunday (November 24) in the UK!


  • Colin

    I hate this idea that her videos need to be over produced and like everything else. This is what it is, beautiful and about the song and that voice. I am very proud to be a fellow scouser (liverpool) when we have talent like this. The video is simple and I think that is the way she would want it. Rebecca has been fighting so much against the control media wants to have on her and I take my hat off for her staying true to herself. Her videos have a stillness that makes you appreciate the soul to her voice. The world is loosing that so lets remember it is the emotion that counts see the beauty of what it is and not what its not.

  • X

    Love it. I’m so obsessed with her as of late. I’ve been listening to her debut album “Heaven” and I love every song! I haven’t skipped one tracked, just flawless. She has such an amazing voice with distinctive tone// it’s like Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse love child on crack, just ugh magnifico!! Really looking forward to her new album FREEDOM.

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