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Katy Perry: ‘Unconditionally’ Single Premiere!

After scoring another #1 hit single with “Roar,” Katy Perry is finally ready to unleash her next single “Unconditionally“! The track has been confirmed as the second official single off her upcoming third studio album Prism, which is scheduled for release on October 22 via Capitol Records. Produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut, “Unconditionally” is a big emotional mid-tempo number that starts off soft before exploding into a vocal showcase as Katy belts the incredibly melodic chorus over booming percussion. “It’s a love song and it’s different from ‘Roar’ — it’s not eighth-notey,” Katy said about the song back in September. “I think it’s a universal love song that everyone’s going to be able to relate to no matter the age, no matter male or female. It’s my favorite song off the record.” While the song isn’t necessarily anything new or particularly interesting (to me at least), it is indeed a sweet song that should have no problems appealing to the Top 40. I can already tell that Katy is going to let Prism ride out for awhile, she isn’t going for the albums obvious singles just yet. What do you guys think?

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  • Idolized101

    I just wanted to say one thing about this.

    Any of those people who said there piece about Roar and Brave. well they can go and hang with Sara Bareilles, and I am going to hang with #1 selling Artist. I Know I am going to love this album. She is creative. The album seems Grown up and I cant wait for the Video.

    Still waiting on the Club banger though. I cant be jamin to this in the Club. LOL

    • james

      Excuse me? You’re going to bash others who called out Katy Perry for STEALING another ARTIST music? She also have stolen the LYRIC VIDEO and MUSIC VIDEO from other artist as well.

      How can you call her CREATIVE, when everything so far she is doing is taking and stealing from other artist who are original?

      I also would LIKE to point out. I want everyone to look at the booklet for Rihanna’s album LOUD. And the compare to Katy Perry’s album cover and booklet. Katy as yet again stolen from another artist.

  • mike

    ugh, simply NO!
    why would anybody release this song instead of Birthday, Dark horse, Walking on air or This is how we do???
    actually there are more songs in the album capable of outselling Unconditionally
    thank God iTunes exists, cuz if i had to buy the album based on the 2 first singles alone, i would pass on it 200% for sure

  • James

    I found the album leak, and i do agree thats she has some better songs than this, but that’s just t give you an excuse later when she released this one to say “Oh, well I think the other one that she released before was better…” I love this, and the whole album so it’s whatever to me.

  • WWW

    can’t beliebe how much hate this song is getting, i’m not a fan of katy at all actually and think most of her songs are mediocre but this song really has some depth and real emotion…

  • John

    You guys must be hearing something else because this is not generic at all. It’s so beautiful and I love the theme. Plus it’s a good overall representation of the album as a whole, so that would help listeners get into the album

  • Michael

    I actually think it’s probably her best track for a very long time and is a perfect choice for the time of year. This will blow up big style. Watch it be #1 for 16 weeks or something ridiculous.

  • Daniel

    Katy’s album is very dull, Gaga’s is pretentious rubbish.

    The only one who can save this disappointing season is Britney.
    For the love of God I hope her album slays.

  • Andrew

    I have to say all the people hating are very surprising to me. I LOVE the song. Already listened to it about 10 times. Great meaning, great beat. Almost annoying reading everyone’s negative feedback.

  • Mike

    IMHO, this song and pretty much all the songs heard on the leak do NOT
    impress me at all.

    It’s very generic sounding and very underwhelming and i was expecting a
    whole lot more from Katy. ONE OF THE BOYS was good, TEENAGE DREAM
    was a masterpiece, and I feel with PRISM, she’s going to have her first flop
    a la BIONIC/LOTUS like X-TINA.

    The only songs I could handle were ROAR, WALKING ON AIR and the 90’s
    sounding club track (Don’t remember it’s name).

    I’ll just wait for ARTPOP and BRITNEY JEAN to be released because I don’t
    think I’ll be buying PRISM.

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