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Katy Perry: ‘Prism’ Album Sampler!

With the release of her new album Prism quickly approaching on October 22, Katy Perry has allowed iTunes to share 90 second clips of every track on record. “In just a few hours when the ITUNES store turns you will be able to preview 90 seconds of EACH song on #PRISM,” Katy wrote on her Twitter account. “Who’s ready for the light?!” Prism includes her #1 hit single “Roar” and features writing and production from Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Klas Åhlund, Bonnie McKee, Sia, Greg Kurstin, and more. If you haven’t already, read everything I remember about the songs from her Prism listening party last month. You can listen to all the clips below or head over to iTunes now! What do you guys think so far?

Pre-order Katy Perry’s upcoming third studio album Prism on iTunes NOW!


  • JK

    I wanted it to be more “grown up” pop music. Still kind sounds like something that would be blared on a 12 year old’s Ipod.
    Not saying that there aren’t good songs on it…but I was hoping for more.

  • Cameron2010

    The only songs worthy of singles..
    Legendary Lovers: I love it’s beat
    This is How We Do
    This Moment
    Double Rainbow
    and maybe Birthday….

    I’m not liking this album, her songs make her voice sound awkward and pitchy….Idk I’m hoping the full songs are good

  • Rick

    Very, very bland. In all honesty, if someone asked me to come up with song titles for the most generic, lifeless pop songs I could think of I would literally come up with titles like these. Double rainbow… International smile… Legenday Lovers…

    Someone has probably coined a phrase for it or something but it seems like a rule of pop where: Artist Success leads to artist musical freedom leads to self serving/dull album. Maybe there’s a gem hidden in there but if there is I didn’t hear it the first time around.

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