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Avril Lavigne: ‘Let Me Go’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Avril Lavigne‘s latest video for “Let Me Go” featuring her husband Chad Kroeger! The track will serve as the official third single off her upcoming self-titled fifth studio album Avril Lavigne, which is scheduled for release on November 1 via Epic Records. The clip follows the story of an old man reminiscing about his past, who seems to be related to Avril. It’s a kind of a sad visual but it conveys the emotions of the song perfectly and Avril looks gorgeous and mature. It’s nice to see her switch things up a bit. What do you guys think?

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  • Ryan

    Why isn’t Avril more prominent right now? She’s releasing all of this great stuff, with a practically legendary career backing her up, yet radio and the media don’t seem to be paying very much attention…..

  • mx3

    i feel like in terms of her media image, her last album was a flop, her last 2 singles are her STILL rocking that “punk rawk” kid at the fucking mall look, and her marriage to chad is so gawdy its almost fucking embarrassing.

    this is coming from a long time avril fan. i just feel like she peaked awhile ago and now everyone doesnt care. i feel like her image is just soo tarnished!

  • CG Girl

    Don’t like her look in the video. She has such a pretty angelic face and its ruin by dark makeup and botox or something that is making her face look stiff and weird.

    However her vocals are gorgeous, and I just realized how underrated she is vocally. If she starts to pick the right songs & more MATURE songs she will be recognize and appreciated. She will also be taken more seriously. I love her smash single”I’m With You”. That song never gets old to me because the lyrics are universal to everyone and her voice was amazing!

  • Alec

    Wow. I am blown away by everything. This is probably her best video since the Under My Skin era. The maturity, the visuals and all the emotion. I am still on team Avril and hopefully this song will get her take off again. She deserves the success and I need her to stick around. God. Love it!!

  • sjazz

    avril is still in the game. she doesn’t need to prove herself anymore. everyone knows she makes good music within her genre. her gigs still sell out. and she’s always been true to herself and her style. she’s in it for the long term, and thats why true avril fans get her. cant wait for her album.

  • hayy

    are you kidding? her gigs do NAT sell out whatsoever. i saw her on her tour in ontario (where she grew up….) and she barely sold out half the SMALL venue. unless youre from fuckin japan she aint sellin out sheeiiit.

    not trying to hate, but that statement was just untrue as hell.

  • Corey Groves

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne needs to do the world a really big favor and drop dead because she is nothing but an annoying and a whiney little manufactured product of the music industry and of this generation who claimed that she is a, “Rock chick” and a, “skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music. The day that Avril becomes a, “Rock chick” or a, “skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music will be the day when pigs fly because not only that her music sounds a lot more like Pop instead of Rock, also because she doesn’t know how to ollie and she doesn’t know how to do any tricks on a skateboard like a professional skateboarder can. I don’t care if she is only being herself, she needs to grow up and stop acting and dressing like a wild teenager because she ins’t a wild teenager anymore like she used to be when she came into the music industry back in 2002. She is already a 29 year-old woman now and she needs to learn to act and dress like one because she can’t go around acting and dressing like a wild teenager for the rest of her life. As far as her, “Abbey Dawn” clothing line goes (if that still exists), I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing any of the clothes and the accessories that she designed herself if I was a chick because they are meant to be worn by a bunch of posers who shops at Hot Topic, such as herself. I don’t find her physically attractive at all, and I never will because she looks like a plastic Barbie doll who dyed her hair blonde and added some green and pink streaks to it. As far as her self-titled album also goes, I have a feeling that it is going to flop just like her, “Goodbye Lullaby” album did because it only sold 44,000 copies and it debuted at number 5 on the first week that it was released over here in the United States of America. Marilyn Manson shouldn’t have sung a duet along with her on any of the songs on the album because Heavy Metal and Pop music doesn’t mix at all. I don’t like listening to her music at all because most of the lyrics to her songs are about broken relationships, and it is getting to sound really old and really annoying. She also needs to go back to High School and learn how to spell, “Sk8er Boi” because the way she spells it looks so retarded. She doesn’t have any musical talent at all because not only that she sings out of tune when it comes to singing live, also because she fakes her way on playing the guitar by playing only a few chords on it. She is also a terrible role model to all of her fans out there because not only that she has an I don’t give a fuck attitude, also because she spits at the Paparazzi for no reason. End of story.

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