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Paris Hilton: ‘Good Time’ feat. Lil Wayne – Single Premiere!

Paris Hilton‘s long-delayed and much-anticipated new single “Good Time” featuring Lil Wayne is finally here! The track serves as the official lead single off her upcoming sophomore album, which is due out later this year via Cash Money Records. Produced by Afrojack, “Good Time” is a dance heavy pop number packed with thrilling beat drops and simplistic so-bad-they’re-good lyrics that feel like classic Paris Hilton. While Wayne’s verse isn’t really anything to rave about, the production on the song is solid and right on trend with everything else on Top 40. Its no “Stars are Blind” or “Nothing in this World” but it will have to do for now. Look out for the music video which is expected to premiere tomorrow (October 8). Welcome back Paris! What do you guys think?

BUY Paris Hilton’s new single “Good Time” with Lil Wayne on iTunes NOW!


  • Its alright

    ugh. do not compare paris hilton to heidi montag. at least paris has had some good music. and don’t deny “stars are blind’ and “nothing in this world” werent pop greats. Anyway, I wish they kept true to the original demo sound, but this will do. Not my favorite, but its not bad. Her voice reminded me of the girl from Aqua which is also not a bad thing. Good for her for trying atleast

  • Clinton

    I don’t know about the lyrics being “so bad they’re good” more like the just so bad. This fits her though, I mean I wasn’t really expecting much more from her.

  • james

    To all gays who are loving Paris Hilton’s new music. You forgot she thinks we are disgusting & have AIDS. Stop supporting hate & ignorance! And SHAME on you Jon Ali, when Chris Brown hit Rihanna, you took it upon yourself to stop posting music and even features with Chris Brown, but yet you show you’re support for Paris Hilton after what she said about our culture. Have more respect for yourself Jon Ali!

    • mary

      Who Cares? It’s Paris Hilton for Christ’s sake!!!!! Dumb Bitches say Stupid shit under pressure all the time and the media makes it sound worse than it really was! Are you boycotting Britney too because she thinks US Gays are Adorable & Cute? That can sound just as offensive if taken the wrong way! Lighten up and listen to something else! Her music is crap anyways.

      • james

        Did you just compare Cute/Adorable with Disgusting/AIDS ?? Well Mary, you are the very example of ignorance. I feel bad for you and the life that you live as a person who would use and believe that a person thinking cute and adorable is equal to disgusting and AIDS. People like you is why there is so much hate and ignorance.

        To compare cute to as equal to AIDS, is mind blowing. You need to learn before you speak.

        I truly feel bad for your parents and the child you will have.

  • brxanjames

    whoever thinks she’s stupid & famous just cause she’s a “Hilton” remember that it’s 2013 & she’s still here trying & she succeeded. Her album will be great, and you can tell just by this single.

  • Oliver

    I thought Stars are Blind & Nothing in this World were great.. But this is just so bad. The production, the lyrics, the vocals, the video.. Everything.. It’s just embarrassing actually.. :-O

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