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Britney Spears: ‘Work Bitch’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Britney Spears‘ official video for her latest single “Work Bitch“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming eighth studio album, which is scheduled for release on December 3 via RCA Records. Directed by Ben Mor, the glamorous clip features a fierce looking Spears in several different outfits and setups surrounded by her sexy female dancers. “I think this is a more adult Britney, definitely a more adult Britney,” Ben told MTV about the video. “You can’t have soft visuals for a song called ‘Work Bitch,’ and we sure as hell didn’t.” To be honest, I was worried for this to come out but Britney indeed worked it out. The outfits were on point, the setups were amazing (that pool scene), and Britney actually went for it with the dancing. I’m happy. What do you guys think?

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  • dan

    You couldnt have said it better. She actually tried it with the dancing. She is not even close to what she once was, but she actually tried, so I gotta give her credit. She also looks amazing.

  • Dan

    i hate to be a hater but that clip is so lethargic…its supposed to be an energetic song but i aint feelin the energy in that clip… well, its done! not that impressive sorry!

  • Kimberly Perez

    yeah pretty much Britney looked super gorgeous as always, but she just doesn’t dance like she used to..I still love her though! Get it girl 🙂

  • Patrick

    She is dancing like she used to, I am LIVING for this. She looks stunning, her face has its spark, and her dancing was energized and she was into it. Haters can hate, but she KILLED it. I am thrilled.

  • annoyed

    seriously, can you all just shut the fuck up? “She doesnt dance like she used to” blah blah blah. No shit. But this was 1million times better than the entire femme fatale/circus tour choreographies combined. lets move on and just be excited! I guess lady gaga’s “applause” clapping-convulsing (literally) is what is now considered good dancing these days….c’mon.

  • Tre

    OMG!! I honestly have tears in my eyes. Britney hasn’t danced this well in a long time. Its not as good as she use to dance but definitely an improvement and she shows a lot of confidence. She has that sparkle in her eyes again. I’m so happy!! This is 1 of my favourite videos of the year. I absolutely love it!! Its visually stunning with tasteful product placement and it was creative. Britney looks absolutely gorgeous!! I love this song even more. Can’t wait for the album.

  • Lea

    This made me very happy. Britney looks like the shining queen she is. Song still isn’t as strong as I want, but I am so pleased with this. Everything she does has felt so forced- it’s felt like she didn’t want to be on stage or doing the videos, but it looked like she was truly truly enjoying herself. She was truly truly doing what she’s always done best 🙂 Happy for her. Happy she looks happy.

  • Sean Y

    I understand the girl can’t do what she used to she’s older now, I think half of the “lethargy” comes from the editing, too – there are lingering shots where there don’t need to be for an upbeat video. Lots going on here and great material to choose from so if the choreography isn’t up there give us some more quick cuts.

  • Ronald

    Everybody is complaining about her lack of dancing or about the fact that she is dancing só much better, which I still think is bullshit, because there are a millions of people in the world that can dance and sing better than her. But can we please talk about the song? Can we even call this music? The only things I hear are the worst lyrics ever, even worse than her last song and she’s still not able to sing.

    • greg

      I guess you werent around when she was at her peak, or you would know that Britney has starpower that almost no one can touch. Its the only reason she is still around, we know she doesnt sing or dance well anymore, she is is a star.

  • Mac

    I actually change my mind. She looks good. she’s dancing pretty well, for the most part. And did I mention HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS!?!! My God. If only this would have been Blackout Britney and the eras going forward.

    Happy to see her back and on top of her game.

    IF YOU DON’T AGREE, really look at her in this video, in the eyes, her movement — shes in a much better place.

    Now if we could only get those live vocals…..

    • Lea

      Yes definitely. That’s what stood out about this video for me. Before it seemed like she was doing it because she had to or she was just so distanced from herself. Not anymore. She was loving it. She was killing it. She gave it her best in this video because she wanted to 🙂 She is in so much of a better place. She looks so happy. I’m so happy for her.

  • rk1407

    first of all people are allowed to have their own opinion, i loved the video glad to see britney looking hot and yes i will compare her to her old self remember she is 31 not in her 60s so in all honestly there is no excuse for her lack of dancing yes she danced in this but you can tell she was 1, 2 stepping in a few shots they forgot to move you can see Britney looking blah and not singing where she should

    and first of all like i said britney is going to be 32 in 2 months there is no excuse that she should be tired of dancing if you don’t want to dance then you should’ve stopped by the time black out album came out and changed your theme of music, but she could be better look at Madonna and Janet they are both in their 100s and dancing like their backup dancers or even better then some so how does that work out they are older then britney by a lot so explain how we can’t compare her?

    i’m not hating but you tell it’s not her anymore maybe she just upset cause her choreographers she had for i’m a slave and circus have left her and now everyone else she gets are 1, 2 step type of people that make it easy for her when they should push her alittle more

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