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Katy Perry: ‘Walking On Air’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Katy Perry‘s brand-new song titled “Walking On Air“! The track is the second promotional single released as part of the iTunes countdown for her upcoming third studio album Prism, which is scheduled for release on October 22 via Capitol Records. Produced by Max Martin and Klas Åhlund, “Walking On Air” is ’90′s inspired club banger packed with a thrilling dance beat and an infectious radio-ready hook. It’s in the same vein as those classic jams by Crystal Waters and CeCe Peniston but with a glowing pop touch. I’m glad you all get to hear this now, the track was one of the (many) standouts from the Prism listening party earlier this month. What do you guys think?

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  • James

    Bubble Gum Pop, nothing more, nothing less. A Song that “borrows” rather “steals” from other songs. Any Katy does is ever real or her own.

    So far Roar was stolen from another artist song. Her lyric video for Roar was stolen from another artist. Her music video for Roar was stolen from movies.

    Dark Horse was a mess.

    This song Walking On Air, is another rip-off from other artist back in the back. Anyone who knew up in the 90’s, knows what I mean and talking about. The fact that the lyrics are so simple and respects over and over. Shows the lack of talent on whom ever wrote this song.

    So far, nothing is new on this album, the same Katy Perry, just different beats.

    I agree Sweden has one of the best producers and songwriters, but on this song…it was missing with the lyrics. With better lyrics and stronger vocals. Her voice is too weak for this kind of song!

    Katy Perry you might be walking on air, I hope that air runs out…

  • Umanyways

    Throwback for sure! Wow! didn’t expect her to go so throwback was expecting more modern dance song like Work Bitch. Anyone born in the 90s were too young to embrace the 90s club scene. good it. it’s epic.

  • CG Girl

    I’m just not on the Katy train this year and the wool and been uncovered from my eyes. Last era was great, no one out was like her and she brought charisma, charm and quirkiness to her music and videos but I think that-that era was so great that now her new album “PRISM”, and the batch of songs on it does not compare.

    I think she is lovely but she has a lot of things to work on… Don’t get me wrong, this song is the best song sonically to come off her new album so far… but as James said, she is doing too much ripping off and wants everyone to be wowed by her singles. She wants to be the Sara in “Roar” then a hood girl in “Dark Horse” and now a 90’s Dance Queen. It would have been best if she would have blended the sounds-made the album sound cohesive–or been “influenced by different genres and put samples instead of just taking the whole song. It’s just not coming off as genuine. In Miley’s case it come off genuine it seems like she loves all kinds of music and can easily adapt and blend her love for these genres into her music.

    Thank God Katy has a huge fan base that she built during the “Teenage Dream” era because even if she puts out crap like “Dark Horse” or called a single for example “There’s Dog Crap on My Shoe” people will still eat it up and make her very overrated. I just hope her new album proves me wrong because so far I’m not excited, neither impressed. So hopefully my mind will change as I get to hear more.

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