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Video Premiere: Mike Will Made It ’23’ Feat. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Mike Will Made-It drops the music video for his debut single “23” featuring Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa! The track serves as the lead single off his upcoming debut album Est. in 1989: The Album, which is scheduled for release later this year via EarDrummers Entertainment. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the clip sees the foursome takeover a high school by assembling a wild and crazy pep rally that gets everybody turnt up. I’m still not too fond of the song but Miley slays me in this video. She is giving me everything. What do you guys think?

BUY Mike Will Made-It’s debut single “23” w/ Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa on iTunes NOW!


  • james

    A group of grown men, the objectification of underage teenage high school girls. Is this what music has come to?!?

    Some women are pretty, some women are very sexy and others are pretty & sexy. Miley is pretty, very pretty, but not sexy. When she tries to be sexy, she comes off as a slut, not sexy.

    I will say Miley in the music video for “Can’t Be Tamed”, she was very sexy, not slutty.

    • MARY

      Really? In Can’t be Tamed she looks like a Low_Rent Drag Queen who gives BJ’s in the bathroom for a Quarter!
      Now She looks like a Grown Woman who knows what she wants and will get it forTOP$$$$$$$

      • James

        Mary, you just proved how much respect you have for yourself as a woman. I feel sorry for you. Women like you, give real women a bad name. With that statement you come across as a women, well a girl who loves a man to disrespect you, use you, maybe even pay you, after all you brag about Miley getting paid top dollar for acting like a whore.

        So Mary, how much are you willing to get paid to be a whore?

        And as a gay man, who enjoys a fierce Queen anyway, Miley Cyrus was not looking like a drag queen in that music video at all. And do you even know what a real queen looks like? I beg you to check out RuPaul’s Drag Race, nice try reading Miley for a well down music video.

        And how do you know how much a drag queen gets for oral sex in the bathroom? Maybe you pretend to be a drag queen to get money, so you can get that top dollar like Miley.

        I beg you, have more respect for yourself. Girls and women today, have lost respect for themselves, what value will woman like you have for the future?

        Next time when you try to comeback at a person, make sure you can spell and understand what you are talking about. It should have read. “…like a low budget queen who blows everyone to get paid to get that new lace front hunty! Werk!”

        Mary, you have just been read to filth!

        • Adam Alter

          Dude settle down. Not that serious. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is half the fun. I happen to agree more so with you but no need for coming down so hard. It’s music. Have fun and enjoy.

        • Mary

          Oh James, how I love your Temper Tantrums!
          “Everyone thinks you’re pretty, I do think you’re pretty, I think you have a beautiful face… for radio!”

          • Sina

            ain’t it funny mary that she’s in this video in the bathroom sucking on a cig and looking like 25cent whore… I think yous should really think before you comment!

  • Maxie

    Let me tell ya’ll she’ll be the top of all for this year but this bitch will have to get something new on soon because now its still shocking and new (hm not really anymore…). Always sound the same always act the same and always the same shitty “clothes” on.. I just feel sorry for her and by far she’s anything but sexy and hip… please bitch!

  • Lula

    This doesn’t even sound like music, it is awful and Miley looks awful too. I’m tired of seeing her half-naked and trashy, whenever I do, I feel like I’m going to throw up

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