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Jason Derulo: ‘Marry Me’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Jason Derulo‘s latest video for “Marry Me“! The track serves as the second official US single off his upcoming Tattoos EP, due out on September 24 via Warner Bros. Records. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the clip sees a shirtless Jason cuddling in bed with his real-life girlfriend Jordin Sparks while imagines of them growing old together flash in-between. It’s all very cute and lovey dovey so if you’re into that sort of thing than you should really enjoy this. Sound off in the comments below!

BUY Jason Derulo’s new single “Marry Me” on iTunes NOW!


  • Tayy

    It still blows my mind that at the last minute they changed the album to an EP. Like what is the point of that if the deluxe edition is all over the internet? Makes no sense.

  • P

    Diyjgxkgkcg i’m so sick of seeing product placement in music videos. It totally cheapens the concept of it and looks tacky. And I don’t care if its the artist’s “product”. It just looks bad! Boooo sufjxgighvohohf!!! :(((

  • james

    I am sorry, but I hate when artist and actors do movies/music with their partners. This reminds me of when Tom cruise when nuts on that damn couch. There is a better way to express the love, without shoving it in people’s faces.

    Having a girlfriend, who is a better singer, be apart of a music video/song JUST to look pretty and show her off like a prize it very disrespectful.

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