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Katy Perry: ‘Dark Horse’ feat. Juicy J – Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Katy Perry‘s brand-new song titled “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J! The track is the first promotional single released as part of the iTunes countdown for her upcoming third studio album Prism, which is scheduled for release on October 22 via Capitol Records. Produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, “Dark Horse” is a thrilling pop number that grooves along a heavy bass-driven beat before building up to a massive trap breakdown and a solid rapid-fire verse from Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J. While I love me some happy Katy, it’s nice to hear her change things up with something dark and moody. The song is the complete opposite of her #1 hit “Roar” and I’m totally okay with that. Solid album track. What do you guys think?

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  • Ernesto

    It is a different twist of what she is used to but the very beginning sounds REALLY awkward. I absolutely love the bass and beat, that way she can appeal to a more wider variety range of people. Juicy J we can give or take. eh overall 9/10!

  • CG Girl

    Thank God it’s a promotional single because the pop, rock, and rap is not meshing well in this song!!! And I have to agree with Ernesto–Dark Horse sounds very awkward–not only in the beginning– but in my opinion it’s just cringe-worthy and awkward throughout the entire song. Sorry Katy but you are not a chameleon like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. I have to give them points because they can do any genre effortlessly. Please just stick to the basics and you will sell easily, most music listeners these days only need something catchy to retain their interest and this song is not catchy generic music, it’s a mess!!!

  • Sean

    If it is, in fact, a promotional single, I’m down with it.

    But terrible rap. Just awful. Painful. Wish she would have sung a more traditional bridge.

    Otherwise, a great song. Not sure if this is what will continue the momentum for the album, though. I’m a little worried we’re going to have a Kesha second single situation on our hands, and we all know that she hasn’t recovered since C’mon tanked.

    Best of luck to Katy! I am a fan, albeit an underwhelmed one right now.

  • James

    Katy Perry promised every fan and everyone who questioned her, that a dark more personal album with darker tones. The promos reflect this choice. The first single was “stolen” from Brave, the music video was “stolen” from past movies and actresses. The first song was popular and scored her big, ONLY because it was radio friendly and a mindless pop song. And now even tho this is a promo single. It is still a let down.

    The start of this song sounds like a child crying, then the beats kicking in. Katy Perry will ONLY be Teenage Dream, that will always sell, she knows that, her record label knows this. But sadly Teenage Dream will be her best album of her life. But it was all due to a blue wig and a poorly rip-off of Candyland. The bright colors blinded every gay boy and girl. She milked that album just to break a record, not for the music.

    And having a single..Dark Horse, with a title like that, you could have done something amazing. But yet part of the rap sings about a mass murder and etc.

    Katy Perry is good at smart marketing, and marketing herself. I wish she would push back the album to work on it, and make it more personal and darker, as promised.

    When an artist, hypes up everything, and make promises after promises, let their fan base down, how can they trust their fans to stay loyal when they are not loyal to their fan base. After all, we as fans pay them to perform, sing, eat, sleep, drive and etc.

    As a fan of Miss Perry, I want my money back on a base of lack of artistic talent as a singer and performer.

    P.S. Miss Perry, that gold truck, was a waste of our money and tacky, that money used for a pointless promo tool should have went to something better than that.

      • James

        Get over myself? It’s just pop music? Really? As a fan of an artist, I have the right to say what I wish about an artist.

        Unlike mindless zombies like yourself and “Nunia Biznass”, I know what I like. Katy Perry is better than “Dark Horse” and “Roar”. They are mindless pop songs. Unlike others by Katy.

        When an artist you have listened to before she was Katy Perry, go into a direction of false growth that was promised to her fans, and get get sugar coated Teenage Dream era music.

        People, fans, invest time and money into their favorite artist/singers. We pay for their albums, movies and their concerts. We as fans invest time. It might be “pop” music. But every artist before Miss Perry, has had some growth from album to album. But Katy, is putting out the same era of music as before.

        I hope when the album comes out, it will be amazing, and that since this is a promo single, that “Roar” was the worst song from this album.

        I’m a fan, so I will not get over myself. So Mary & Nunia mindless zombies to the slave of you’re youth. Grow up.

      • Britney

        I agree with James! How is he a joker? He is speaking his mind! Zant, twink or whatever you want to call yourself grow up and learn to respect others for their views. It looks like you’re parents failed at that.

    • Soren

      James, I’m completely on your side, thank you for fully analyzing Miss Katy from a complete non-fan perspective to grasps the reality. Crazy fans are brainwashed for this. Loll. But I am guilty into the beat. I just wanna slowly twerk my ass though!!!!

  • NickNifty

    Luckily this isn’t a single. This is an itunes promo leading up to the album. Like Circle the Drain and Peacock ahead of teenage dream.

  • Idolized101

    I AM A KATY PERRY TRUE FAN!!! I LOVE THIS! POP PERFECTION. @sEAN Please dont compare Miss Perry to Ke$hia that chick is discount. As for @jAmes Artists grow up and makes different music. This is Hott!

    Just in case people know fans picked this and they were so right!!

    • James

      Really? A blind bitch? I have every right to say what I wish about an artist, does not mean I do that just because I’m a fan of other artist. And here you are pasting judgement and acting like a child. How old are you? 10?

      I’m been a fan of Miss Perry’s when she was under her real name before she became Katy Perry, thank you. When people like you did not know who she was before “I Kissed A Girl” made her into a superstar.

      Have more respect for others, their right to say what they wish.

      I, as many of other fans of Katy, wish she would have gone darker as promised, but she wanted to stay in the Teenage Dream era, that’s where the money is.

      • damn you wigging outttt

        Calm down, bitch. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t care about you. Why you actin like she’s God. She’s just a goddamn singer! You don’t like her direction, find someone else who is going where you are. It’s time to move on.

      • Migg money

        If you don’t like the songs Katy Perry has been putting out — don’t buy them. Point blank. We get that you felt she could have done better or whatever, but that’s what is amazing about music. Don’t put people down or call them mindless just because they like what she has been doing! Katy can put out whatever she wants… there aren’t any rules to the music business. No one really cares if you were a fan before she was mainstream. You act like she owes you an apology or something.

  • Topher

    I like the song.

    I didn’t even bother to read James’ comments because they were too fucking long. Say what you gotta say and keep it short and sweet. This is a comment section, not your own personal blog. You want to write that much, start your own damn blog!

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