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Lorde: ‘Team’ Single Premiere!

Following the success of her breakout single “Royals,” Lorde premieres a brand-new track titled “Team“! The track serves as the second official U.S. single and third international off her debut studio album Pure Heroine, that’s scheduled for release on September 27 via Universal Music. Produced by Joel Little and written by Lorde herself, “Team” is bouncy, infectious pop jam with some sleek and minimalist production that kind of follows in the same vein as its popular predecessor. “In that song, there are a few lines which are kind of me being the ‘realistic’ pop star: ‘We live in cities you’ll never see onscreen,; which is like, no one comes to New Zealand, no one knows anything about New Zealand, and here I am, trying to grow up and become a person,” the 16-year-old singer told Billboard about the song. “I’ve been countering that with going to New York and seeing this place that’s in every movie and every TV show. Part of me wanted to go back to writing for me and for my friends, and write something that I felt related to us a little bit.” I’m really loving the lyrics on this one but its definitely giving me Lana Del Rey vibes, which is what I always get from her. What do you guys think?

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  1. “I’m kinda over gettin told to throw my hands up in the air, so there…”

    So sick…This girl is heaps better than Lana Del Ray, she’s Ja’mai King level

  2. She could have easily released Tennis Court next but I appreciate new, fresh material.

    All the best to Miss Lorde!

  3. ^Agreed. LOVE Tennis Court!

  4. Woah, she’s 16?! That’s incredible I thought she was much older

  5. Lana Del Rey? Really? Come on now Jon this girl is more unique than Del Rey! Don’t compare her to anyone, she is Lorde, the end.

  6. just fucking stop with the lana del rey comparisons , just cause shes a female and writes her own songs ! sick of comparisons on this site !

  7. Love LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove

  8. This girl is the poor mans Lana Del Rey. Y’all are acting like she’s some revelation and something refreshing in the industry. Her lyrics, and cinematic melodies over her hip hop beats scream Lana. Stop the delusion…Aside from that, the song is great.

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