Celine Dion: ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Single Premiere!

Celine Dion is back with an amazing new single titled “Loved Me Back To Life“! It’s been a little over six years since the 45-year-old Canadian diva released an English-language album, and now, the wait is finally over. Her upcoming eleventh English-language studio album with the same name Loved Me Back to Life is scheduled for release on November 5 via Columbia Records – Just in time for the holidays! Produced by Sham and Motesart and penned by Sia, lead single “Loved Me Back To Life” hears Celine alternate between her trademark soaring vocals and a smoky, lower register, all against the backdrop of a dark and moody production. It’s what we have come to expect from her but with a modern twist that perfectly mixes Celine‘s classic sound with today’s sound – I love it. Welcome back Celine! What do you guys think?

BUY Celine Dion’s new single “Loved Me Back To Life” on iTunes NOW!



  1. charlie

    i was under the impression the the album was going to be called WATER & A FLAME. Has it changed since Celine was on Katie Couric last week?

  2. jnp9

    Most current and radio friendly song she’s released since A New Day Has Come back in 2002. Awesome track!

    The album name changed after the songwriter for Water and a Flame went on some rant about Celine that was totally unjustified. So as punishment they ditched the album name and chose a new first single. Dude will miss out on a lot of radio play royalties.

    Welcome back Celine

  3. Umanyways

    It just shows how Celine can stay current it’s smashing actually and will probably be played at every panera bread, Barnes & noble, hallmark, and baby’s r us. I wanted Celine to Do a big Olympic titanic roar at the end but she played it cool to try to get young kids to buy it. This will be a hit song.

  4. Lea

    Sure it might be a bit Sia but Celine has really delivered. She put great vocals on a great track. I can’t wait to hear this on the radio and all the remixes that will come out!!

  5. CG Girl

    Love it! LMBTL is very modern and trendy, and I’m glad her producers did not overproduce her song. The wonderful thing I love about Celine’s comeback is that her golden pipe are still going strong and she’s staying true to her artistry while keeping current with the times. Welcome back Celine the Queen! Watch out Adele!!!!

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