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Lady Gaga Performs Live at the iTunes Music Festival!

Yesterday, Lady Gaga hit the stage to debut seven new songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP at the opening of the 2013 iTunes Festival held at The Roundhouse in London, England. Playing for a sold out crowd of adoring fans, the 27-year-old signer pulled off several onstage costume changes, showed off her real hair, and premiered tons of new music during her hour-long concert. From beginning to end, I was glued to the live stream and was genuinely entertained with everything she was able to pull off. It’s not everyday we have a pop star premiere nearly half their new album months early during a live showcase, but Gaga did it and it was EVERYTHING. Say what you want about the crazy bitch, but she knows how to put on a good show. Watch the full concert below including new tracks Aura, Manicure, Jewels and Drugs, Sex Dreams, Swine, I Wanna Be With YouArtpop and hit single “Applause” – Enjoy!

Pre-order Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP on iTunes NOW before it hits stores on November 11th!


  • Mac

    This feels like BTW and The Fame Monster eras combined…I wish it was more FM, but not bad. The only songs that left my somewhat dissatisfied were ARTPOP, and Jewels and Drugs.

    I think my favs were Applause, Aura, Manicure, Sex Dreams, Swine!

  • Karen

    Not one good song apart from the average Applause.

    What happened to her, she used to be so refreshing now she is just a mess.
    It’s safe to say Gaga mania is over.

  • Bdubz

    Sex Dreams is EVERYTHING. I very rarely EVER put live or demo songs on my ipod… Sex Dreams is seriously the biggest bop I’ve heard in months. GIVE IT TO ME GAGS

  • CG Girl

    I think these are Lady Gaga’s die hard monster-fans, because as talented as she is, her music shows no growth and most of her songs are filled with gimmicky shock value lyrics to bring interest to her music. She could have done so much more with her talent. She could have been really creative like she was on Fame Monster and took her craft to a different level.

    Being the unbiased person that I am. I will reserve my judgment until I hear the whole “official” album in full, but so far BTW sounds far better and these songs sound like BTW’s rejected songs that became apart of this new album. It seems she put no effort really into her new project but I do like “I Wanna Be With You”.

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