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Cher Lloyd: ‘I Wish’ featuring T.I. – Premiere!

Listen to Cher Lloyd‘s new single “I Wish” featuring T.I. before it’s official premiere on Saturday (August 31)! The track serves as the official lead single off her upcoming sophomore album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Syco and Epic Records. “The underline meaning of the song would probably be. Being your average girl, liking someone, and then realizing that you’re not actually happy with yourself, and he isn’t happy with you either,” Cher said about the song. “You feel a bit low and you want all the things that other girl has that he likes.” The Savan Kotecha-produced number is a catchy pop jam with some bright instrumentation and Cher‘s signature bratty delivery. I’m loving the musicality of it all and Cher sounds great but I’m not quite sure it has that instant punch a first single should have. It’s definitely a grower though! What do you guys think? Hit or Miss?

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