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Ariana Grande: ‘You’ll Never Know’

Following her debut performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs over the weekend, Ariana Grande premieres a brand-new track titled “You’ll Never Know“! The song is set to be featured on her upcoming debut studio album Yours Truly, which is scheduled for release on September 3 via Republic Records. Produced by The Rascals and Babyface, “You’ll Never Know” is a light and sweet pop jam where Ariana‘s voice soars on top of crisp snares and bubbling synthesizers. The song carries the same graceful demeanor as everything else we’ve heard from Yours Truly, but its definitely the most youthful cut from the bunch. Still, Ariana sounds flawless (as always). What do you guys think?

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You’ll Never Know


  • Fouad

    I like it. Her voice is so amazing, Thanks!
    By the way could you please update out this month of September! I have no idea what’s good albums in Sep only Cher, Ariana Grande, Natalia Kills and Goldfrapp … Because I like your taste in music! Thanks

  • Tommy

    I totally agree.. I liked the first song being a throw back but not EVERY song… They arent epic enough. She needs to find a happy medium. Whats weird is she wasnt even old enough to know the sounds of the 90s….or early 2000s

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