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The Saturdays: ‘Disco Love’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of The Saturdays latest video for “Disco Love“! The StopWaitGo-produced track serves as the third official single off their upcoming fourth studio album, which is scheduled for release this Fall in the UK via Polydor Records. The clip follows the five-piece group as they journey through the 70s, 80s and 90s by dressing up in appropriately themed outfits and performing the track in three different settings. The girls look glamourous and they seem like they’re having a good time, but the energy level in the video could have definitely been taken up a notch. What do you guys think?

The Saturdays will release their new single “Disco Love” in the UK on Sunday (October 6)!


  • CG Girl

    Do not like their new single or video!!!It seems like the more songs they release from this new album, they get more mediocre and generic. I don’t know what’s their obsession with taking their new music back to the year 1999 (*see singles “Gentlemen” and “Disco Love”) but they need to stop, or this upcoming album will be the worst album sales they ever had!!! Even the music released in 1999 sounded much better.

    What happened to the edgy Pop Queens they once were with “All Fired Up”, and “Ego” and “Higher”. It seems to me that they’re regressing to appeal to the junior high school age group with more generic songs, in order to gain another #1 single. To be honest I’n getting more and more embarrassed to play their songs in public. Girls stop and go back to your original formula!!!

  • Alexis

    I don’t get why they were hiding Frankie’s belly during the whole video! And why do they keep releasing mediocre singles! I think I won’t be buying the album. Thought the video was weak and they were tired, didn’t show much energy like in the past videos

  • jO

    These girls need to get up and dance!
    I am a huge fan of theirs and these are amazing singers and performers.
    But they’re recent music isn’t reflecting that.
    It seems like they’re getting tired or something and I know they’re capable of amazing things!
    They had a song called “not giving up on love” and that would have made a more stand out single than this.
    This song is good, but they can be amazing if they stop worrying about having number 1’s.

  • Sree

    I’m glad the Saturdays are getting some attention on this site! It’s a totally different sound and scheme for them, but they rock it and I’m a loyal fan forever!

    LOVE IT!

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