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Song of the Week: RAC ‘Let Go’ feat. Kele & MNDR

This weeks Song of the Week comes from American producer RAC! We usually hear RAC putting his spin on other artist’s tracks, but this time around we get to hear an original from the Remix Artist Collective. Titled “Let Go,” the track featuring vocals and lyrics from Kele and MNDR will be released as part of his upcoming Don’t Talk To EP, which will be available on October 1st via Cherrytree Records. Like most of RAC‘s work, “Let Go” is a masterfully done feel-good electronic dance production packed with a catchy hook, a bouncy bubbling beat, and funky bass lines. It sounds fun and fresh and goes perfectly with the nice chill weather that NYC has been receiving as of late – I’m so into it. What do you guys think?

BUY RAC’s new single “Let Go” featuring Kele and MNDR on iTunes NOW!


  • Mac

    RAC is awesome!!! Been enjoying some of their remixes for the past year or so! They give such an awesome 80s/90s nostalgic feeling.

  • Stephanie

    I love this song. I’m still trying to draw a parallel between the symbolism in the video and the lyrics, particularly what the abduction, murder, and cannibalism represent.

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