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Lady Gaga: ‘Applause’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Lady Gaga‘s latest video for “Applause“! The track serves as the lead single off the 27-year-old singer’s upcoming album ARTPOP, which is scheduled for release on November 11 via Interscope Records. Gaga stopped by Good Morning America this morning (August 19) to premiere the video and participate in her first television interview in a long time. “I’m so excited to see you at the premiere of my video at Good Morning America in 5 hrs!” Gaga wrote on her Facebook. “I am grateful to share this new experience with you! I’ve thought of you fans every moment since the last BTW Ball, & dreamt everyday how I could make it up to you. Only with your happiness comes mine.” Gaga absolutely served it in the music video. There’s no crazy storyline or lengthy intro, it’s Gaga having fun and looking like a proper pop star – I loved it! What do you guys think?

BUY Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause” and Pre-order ARTPOP on iTunes NOW!



  1. Now I see the video I like the song even better. I wasn´t so convinced at first, but it keeps growing on me. Applause for you GaGa !

    1. i felt the same way i think Artpop is going to be more of a visual/sound experience instead of just sound. if that makes sense at all lol

  2. In Love !!!!!! Gaga puts on the show of a lifetime. she is everything 🙂

  3. I don’t understand the need to be half naked in the whole video. It’s just an ok video, I was expecting way more for being a Gaga video.

  4. wow! loving it ALREADY.

  5. I knew I would love the song more now that I saw the video but I still want more I don’t think this is the level of talent she was in “The fame” this still reeks of her drinking ur own koolaid. I want the days if love game + poker face please come back to us gaga!

  6. I knew it won’t be something like “The Fame” stuff… GaGa is always changing… but I wanted the days of Love game + Poker face too!

  7. Still not impressed… the video is just OTT and the song is still weak. I said it before when the audio leaked, Aura or Burka (whatever it’s called) was a better choice for the lead single.

    Still no Applause from me GaGa… you’re just being fame hungry as usual by being half naked in every video.

  8. Flippin amazing. I love the song and the video is just what I wanted. Well done!

  9. Her act is tired!!!!!!!!!! She should just leak the whole damn album already because her time in the limelight is OVER!

  10. LOVE IT! <3

  11. I enjoy the song and the video is fun. Ive never been able to understand Gagas vision for things sometimes so im like “wtf is going on and why does she look like that?” also… is this her thing this album era, being naked or half naked? someone should let me know, so that I am prepared for the world of Naked Gaga… =/

  12. I am just glad it’s not 4328405834059745 minutes long like her other videos.

  13. YES. YES. YES.

    I thought the song was okay. Then I grew to enjoy it in a week. Then now, FUCK YEAH. I LOVE IT. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

  14. not impressed i was expecting more from her.

  15. This looks like a high school project gone wrong. There is no clear vision, no irony, no “art” and those who think it is art really need an art pop education. This is a video, much like her other videos, that just shows she isn’t afraid to wear anything to get attention. I like her ideas, but she needs time to hone her craft. I would love to have seen something with a cohesive point of view instead of a schizophrenic visual assault.

  16. Not impressed with the video

  17. A bit of an anticlimax.

    Looks cheap and she looks a mess. Can’t see this helping the song.

  18. I agree with you Marcus. She’s really talented when you see her with a piano. But this video was all over the place.
    This is the first song I’ve liked from Lady Gaga in a while, but this video is just an attempt to hold onto her overdone style.
    It’s time for her to go into a new direction and be more focused with her new album.

  19. alright, so i’ve realized what i don’t like about the song. I don’t like how it starts…that bum bum bum bum bum bum etc. Can’t stand it, but when it’s time for the hook, it’s not that bad. Pretty sure there’ll be some awesome remixes

  20. I think the video would have been better if Lady Gaga was more easier on the eyes. I am not saying she looks rough…just that she is unattractive in the face.

  21. Loved it!!! GaGa really knows how to entertain her audience. Long live queen #2 (Madonna #1)

  22. I don’t normally post on these things but I felt like the video was just average and that paparazzi will probably always be the best. Lady Gaga is a great performer though and I really want to see her open the show at the VMAs this year and I have a great chance of seeing that happen. If you have a few seconds you can vote for me here and help me win. 🙂

  23. hmm, I actually thought the video was really tame and not too over the top. she just looks like she’s having fun.

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