Jessie J: ‘Alive’ Official Cover + Tracklist!

Over the weekend, Jessie J revealed the official album cover for her new album and it’s actually quite good. Titled Alive, the 25-year-old English singer’s upcoming sophomore album is scheduled to be released on September 23 in the UK via Island and Lava Records. Alive will include singles “Wild,” “It’s My Party” and feature appearances from Becky G, Brandy, Big Sean, and more. “You will see the title and you’ll the see the picture and you’ll see the album cover and I think it’s summed up in one word, in one picture,” Jessie told Digital Spy. “It really represents where I’m at in my life right now and how I feel about my life.” I haven’t lost hope on this album yet! What do you guys think?

BUY Jessie J’s lead single “Wild” (The Remixes) on iTunes NOW!

1. It’s My Party
2. Thunder
3. Square One
4. Sexy Lady
5. Harder We Fall
6. Breather
7. I Miss Her
8. Daydreamin
9. Excuse My Rude (feat. Becky G)
10. Wild (feat. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal)
11. Gold
12. Conquer the World (feat. Brandy)
13. Alive


  • Tayy

    I love it. It looks refreshing and clean, especially compared to her last album campaign. It’s the first time I’m really digging the buzzed head. This cover might have just gotten me back on board with this era.

  • Fre

    Huge USA Jessie J Fan, can’t wait! WILD was a pretty decent single….but it felt too similar to “Do It Like A Dude”

    “It’s My Party” is such a grower, and “EXCUSE MY RUDE” is begging for a feature from Chris Brown, a remix and that shit would be all over the radio!

    Super amped the old B side from WAY before “Who You Are” RUN BABY RUN is being released, seeing I only have a shitty youtube rip of it on my itunes.

    Jessie deserves another “Domino” level hit AND TO AT LEAST TOUR AMERICA. SHE HASN’T BEEN HERE ONCE! Which pisses me off, she still gets major air play here on the east coast with “Domino” and hasn’t even done a shitty club tour, when people who don’t get radio play like Marina and the diamonds and Sky Feirra have been to my town twice a year. 🙁

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