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Zendaya: ‘Replay’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Zendaya‘s debut music video for “Replay“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming self-titled debut album, which is scheduled for release on September 17 via Hollywood Records. The clip sees the 16-year-old young songstress rocking various outfits as she shows off some fierce choreography while dancing alone in a dance studio and again with a group of backup dancers. The concept is basically just a performance piece, but it completely captures the energy of the song and Zendaya looks like she is right in her element. What do you guys think?

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  • cruz

    I’m scared for her; somewhere Catherine Zeta Jones, Cassie, and Nicole Sherzinger are plotting to take this girl out and steal her soul because


    talented, young, gorgeous – the next generation has arrived.

    side note – this song is 1,0000X doper than any tired ass dance record on the radio right now (if you don’t agree with me, totally cool – you just can’t dance)

  • Umanyways

    I like how authentic she’s going and this song could be a huge hit. I do feel as though she needs to carry ok the Disney parade just a little while longer before turning adult star. Like a big shake it up movie in theaters or a few more Disney cartoon voices. It took Miley, Selena, & Demi longer to cut off their mouse ears. And dancing with the stars show Isn’t a fair Disney exit. She’s on her way for sure

  • John

    embarrassing Cassie rip-off except Cassie actually could dance and had sex appeal (although she couldn’t sing a note) and this girl is basically jumping, spinning, lifting her legs from left to right, turning, moving her arms in sync, and miming playing something with her fingers. no where near the talent level of a Janet or even a Nicole Scherzinger. Embarrassing.

    • Tre

      Pause this john guy must be stupid! have you seen the cassie video?! it was boring and her dance moves deff DO NOT compare to zendaya’s moves! Zendaya was a finalist on dancing with the stars look her up! GREAT DANCER! and she sounds 10x better than cassie! so what she was dancing infront of a mirror PLENTY OF MUSIC VIDEOS HAVE THAT SCENE DUMBASSES! stop trying to bring this 16 yr old star down and her dancing was so on point in this video I gotta give her major credit

  • Alexis

    Love the song, and I maybe the only one thinking this but in some scenes when she was in all white she reminded me a lot of the late Aaliyah. Love the video, it’s one of the best thing to come from a Disney channel actor/singer

  • Gianna

    I really wish people would stop comparing this video with Cassie. The only thing really similar is that they’re both dancing in front of a mirror (if you consider what Cassie is doing as dancing)

  • mx3

    actually, the mirror isnt the only similarity. they have the same look and theyre wearing the same outfit. and their choreography is alone. (save for the mirage man in this video) i dont understand ppl trying to deny the cassie rip off. its blatant. get over it.

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