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Cher & Lady Gaga: ‘The Greatest Thing’ Premiere!

Once upon a time the legendary Cher and Lady Gaga recorded a duet titled “The Greatest Thing.” The track was set to featured on the her upcoming album, Closer To The Truth, but was later scrapped and confirmed that it would not be released. Luckily for us, the song has found its way online and we now have it in its full glory. The track is a super campy pop number with a sparkly dance beat and soaring vocals from both divas – it’s hard not to like it. Listen to #TheGayestThing below! What do you guys think?

Cher‘s response. . .


  • Sam

    Wow Cher… calm the f*ck down! It was bound to leak eventually… every song does at some point or the other… DIVA FIT!

    As for the song itself… meh it’s alright… nothing really exciting.

  • Stephen Flynn

    I think we should have more respect for artists and their perfectionism. Michael Jackson had something like 200 tracks recorded for the Bad album to choose from, and carefully chose the final selection with tremendous attention to detail. Artists like GaGa are desperately needed in our sea of generic bland identikik pop. The release of Cher’s great track Woman’s World was messed up by leaks, thought she should have done what GaGa did and release the final version immediately. I love the big hype around releases and music is disposably flooding out these days. Music companies need to improve their security against hackers I guess too.

  • Carlos

    Probably the gayest thing i have ever heard lol. In a good way. Sounds like rainbows shining down on little asian school girls faces and twinkling off. All while Gaga and Cher are two suns singing happily like a pair of overjoyed teletubbies. 🙂

  • Add

    The Record company leaked this song, i guess.

    I mean, was Womans World a success? Now they want attention with this song because Gaga is on it.

    I noticed: This song won’t be on the final tracklist, isn’t it weird? No Albumtrack leaked.

    And with Aura (Lady Gaga) i think no hackers also,they wanted attention from the media with this Burqa-Thing.

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