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Aubrey O’Day: ‘Between Two Evils’ EP

The ladies of Danity Kane have been teasing their re-grouping all summer long, from studio shots, to their little lunchDawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres, Shannon Bex, and Aubrey O’Day are clearly up to something together. However, a couple of the ladies are still working on their solo material. Aubrey, who has managed to stay one of the most relevant of the group, has just released her long-awaited debut EP entitled Between Two Evils and its actually quite good. Featuring production from FRESHM3N III and Z Musik, the 9-track set is a solid collection of hot dance floor anthems and sleek R&B heartache numbers. It’s all pretty impressive considering she did this on her own without any label help. So what are you waiting for? Support your girl!

BUY Aubrey O’Day’s debut EP Between Two Evils on iTunes ($7.99) NOW!


  • Fre

    Perez has been all week posting FREE ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS to GaGa’s “APPLAUSE” and dissing her on the verge of bullying — and then championing Katy and posting ITUNES links and telling us to PAY for Katy’s single. I never ever hated Perez before, and liked his site…. I can’t anymore though. I used to feel bad for him, getting hated, but now… Let him burn!

    KATY and GAGA’s new singles are amazing. WHY do I FEEL like the ONLY GAY who loves KATY and GAGA equally. Feels like my teen years again when I REFUSED to pick a side in the BRITNEY and XTINA as well NSYNC/BACKSTREET duels. Most gays/girls love ALL pop music, I don’t get the hate.

    D. WOODS is a fool! Should be in DK reunion. AUBREY shocked me with this EP. Well Done!

  • Fre

    MuuMuse is my new PEREZ btw, at least his FLOPTINA fan fic is enjoyable and funny… laughing with Xtina, instead of trying to tear celebs down…like what Perez does with Lindsay, Amanda, Kesha and now GaGa.

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