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Lady Gaga: ‘Applause’ Single Premiere!

Here it is! Lady Gaga has surprised her Little Monsters and premiered her new single “Applause” a week early to avoid leaks. The track will serve as the official lead single off her upcoming album ARTPOP, which is scheduled for release on November 11 via Interscope Records. Co-written by Gaga herself and produced by DJ White Shadow, “Applause” is an upbeat electro-pop jam packed with a pounding dance beat and a catchy chorus that is sure to stay imprinted in your brain all day. While it may not scream HUGE smash on the first listen, the song is undeniably solid and serves as a great intro for this new era. You can say whatever you want about the song but you know you’ll all be jamming out to it at some point. Welcome back girl!

BUY Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause” and Pre-order ARTPOP on iTunes NOW!





  2. trying to steal Katy’s spotlight I see
    She’s trying way too hard to bring back The Fame sound tbh


  4. Wow….this is terrible…she gets no ” applause” from me on this one.

    1. I kind of find it to be great.

  5. I was hoping for a link, but I understand. 😛

    1. The link is below the video.

      1. it wasnt at first when i commented…but thanks.

  6. SHIT!!! MORE SHIT!!!!

  7. Great but a little safe, no? :-\

  8. Welcome Home Gaga! Back on the top with this SONG!! If the album follows this style, this is gonna be a killer album!

  9. It’s sooo bad….

  10. AMAZING SONG!! <3 IT

  11. This is amazing, and how the hell is she trying to steal Kesha’s spotlight? This is pure amazing. I can’t wait to see the video and the performance on the mtv awards. This is another big hit!!

    1. I believe you meant “Katy’s Spotlight”….. Also the song is all over the place and confusing.


  13. so generic, shouldve gone with aura first, it sounded different than anything on radio.

  14. LMAO…At people saying that this is epic. Some of you are say this is better then #roar. OMG…LoL. After hearing this mess #katyperry for the WIN!!! #roar

  15. i dont like gaga personally but after hearing Roar and this, i’ll go with Applause. They both sound safe but this one is dance-able at least.

  16. Yea, gotta agree, a bit too commercialized but still a great song to release!

  17. Hmm..kinda boring? Hope this isnt what she means by ‘starting a new music revolution’? Because its kind of boring.

  18. Both Roar and Applause suck major. Ya’ll just need to all stop.

  19. no… not catchy 🙁

  20. Applause sucks… Waiting for new Britney music!

  21. MYGOD…. she is so desperate it is almost funny. First she leaks 10 seconds of her own song the same day ROAR leaks. And now, the day Katy releases her song, she releases Applause JUST BECAUSE she doesnt want anyone to leak it ? Jesus… And ppl refuse to say how FAKE this woman is. At least have the balls to admit it, Gaga.

    1. she released it two days later.

  22. wasn’t immediately obsessed, but it’s really grown on me after a few listens. definitely a slow burner.

    undeniably better than KP’s “Roar”…

  23. Trying to sing like DAVID BOWIE!!!! how dare she.


  24. Hmm it’s ok. Doesn’t live up to the hype though.
    What revolution could this bland commercial pop start? None.


  26. Way better than Katy Perry’s Roar. I like the fact that she chose a safe first single that can smash on radio. Born this way era is totally over.

  27. horrid, i used to like Gaga til she got into this whole “art” business; trying to make statements all the damn time in everything she does. Its just annoying and cheapens her actual talent. Your a songstress stick to that.

    1. try proper grammar. lol “You’re”

      1. haha omg I didnt even notice. Cheers! 🙂

  28. I love this song, it’s not overly aggressive and catchy that I can’t still enjoy listening to it a year later. And I think it was good of Katy’s and Gaga’s management to release their material so close to each other, it got people talking and fans of one side will be tuning in to hear what the fuss is about on the other and may even end up liking it. I direct you to the comments above as proof.

  29. Love it! ‘A.R.T.P.O.P!’ My only concern when artists release songs like this with overlapping vocals is how they would be performed live?

  30. what do you think that katy perry and lady gaga has their singles out the same day??? a big rumor bout katy perry is that they are join to a duet together… also go an search all the interactions that they has done on social media

  31. First listen, meh
    2nd listen, cool
    most recent listen, NICE

    I like this, very unique track for sure

  32. This is pure POP at best!!!! Lady GaGa never let’s us down.

  33. Fucking BRILLIANT!

  34. I really like it. I’m not sure how old many of you are, but this is very reminiscent of Grace Jones-era music. And the same comments that many of you are making about Gaga are what Jones had to hear. Look at her now. She’s regarded as an icon. Your hate is someone’s blessing.

  35. I don’t like this single, I prefer a million times “Burqa” over this song, because in my opinion it doesn’t sound like GaGa, it sounds as all the songs that is playing on the radio today, it sounds generic and not original

  36. I have tried to give it another chance by re listening to this track several times. Sadly, she still sounds awful. I remember the good ol days when I showed all my friends “Just Dance” for the first time, how magical. Wish she would go back to what made her a star and not all this “look at me” gimmicks.

  37. Both Applause and Roar are really good songs. The hype and expectation especially for Applause was unrealistically high. People hyped it up so much that anything short of the song of the century was going to be a bust. Good to see Gaga going back to more of The Fame type sound, interested to see what ARTPOP will bring.

  38. might need the lyric sheet for this…chorus is kind of everywhere

  39. This is not a catchy song. Sounds like she tried to rip off David Bowie.

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