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Katy Perry: ‘Roar’ Single Premiere!

Katy Perry‘s new single “Roar” wasn’t scheduled to premiere until Monday (August 12) but surprise – It’s here two days early! The track serves as the official lead single off the her upcoming third studio album Prism, scheduled for release on October 22 via Capitol Records. Produced by Dr. Luke, “Roar” is an uplifting piano-driven pop anthem packed with an empowering chanty chorus made perfect for radio. It’s a hit for sure and I’m loving it. Have your first listen below! What do you guys think?

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  • Andrew

    I see how people can compare it to “Brave”, slightly…. But I fucking can’t stand Brave OR Sara Bareilles, so Katy wins this in my eyes.

    • andrew

      glad i’m not the only one. doesn’t matter if one song is knocking off the other because they’re both whatever. this will go to #1 for sure but what does that even matter anymore?

  • Idolized101

    This sounds like Fire work. People need to stop comparing it to Brave. No-1 will care because no-1 cares about Sara Bareilles. Come on lets be real. lol.

    I am disappointed its not darker.

  • Cameron

    MY ONLY PROBLEM. She’s been amping up for a different and edgier sound, yet this sounds like something that would’ve fit perfectly on Teenage Dream… Seems like a total waste of time to change her image, when she actually kept the same sound.

  • A

    I’ve always hated Katy Perry but even I can admit this is a fun song. Dunno why she felt the need to re-invent herself because this sounds like every other songs she’s ever made. I guess people just have to try to keep one step ahead of LG.

  • MusicManDave

    Ok, let me start off with saying “Amazing New Single” Katy!!!! Now for the comparison between Roar and Brave, yes they both sound a little a like and what’s the problem with that? They are both great songs. Love Sara’s music just as much as Katy’s and I could care less as long as they both come out with great music to keep me listening!!

  • Brandon

    Underwhelming. Katy has had stronger first singles. “I Kissed a Girl” and “California Girls” seemed to crossover to different audiences and markets easily. This, I see being limited.

  • Ike

    Loving this song! Don’t even know the Sara Bareilles song, but I know that I really like this one. Awesome to have KP back.

  • james

    Katy Perry promised a dark version of herself. Her promos, showed her burning the famous blue wig, and the death of the Teenage Dream Katy Perry, but yet she is still doing the same type of music, nothing darker. Teenage Dream, the album had songs with darkner lyrics then this.

    First time, the album art is a poor rip off of any Kesha single/album art. And poorly done photoshop.

    And the lyrics of this song, is even rip off of other songs.

    With Lady Gaga coming out her new single next week. Katy Perry really needed a big hit, something different to try to push Lady Gaga new single out, but it will just make Lady Gaga’s new single even more of a big hit when compared to this. Poor choice to put this out as the lead single, of a song that sounds like a reject from Teenage Dream.

    Katy, you promised darker, more emotional and more deeper. You failed.

    You created an image, now you want to destroy that image, an image that was not you, an image that was just that an image nothing real or true to yourself, unlike artist like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, who lives and breathe’s their image and their art, makes it work.

    Katy Perry, you will always and only be that Teenage Dream, but now you are more just a Teenage Nightmare.

  • Patrick

    I love how Katy Perry failed to come out with what she has promised. Every Katy Perry fan, even people were not fans of hers were excited to hear this new Katy Perry. Jokes on us, the same Katy Perry.

    I guess she wanted to keep to keep that blue wig! I agree with James on this one.

    After the last video from the Teenage Dream album, she came out saying how she wanted to go darker. Here we are, and all we got was Teenage Dream again. Katy Perry as an artist, is a one note artist.

    And to come out with a single and album the same time Lady Gaga is coming out with her new music, is a bad mistake.

    The owner of this blog Jon, truly must be kissing Katy Perry’s ass with his comments “Roar is an uplifting piano-driven pop anthem packed with an empowering chorus made perfect for radio. It’s a hit for sure and I’m loving it.”

    How is this song a uplifting pop anthem with empowering chorus? Nothing about this song is uplifting or empowering. Katy Perry’s Firework was empowering and uplifting. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was empowering and uplifting. Kelly Clarkson’s What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, and the the list goes on. But calling this empowering? Is Jon’s way of kissing her ass. The only truth to his comments is that they do empower me, to mute the sound when this song plays.

    And how is this a piano-driven song, does anyone hear a piano? This song is so poorly over produced that any piano that was recorded was drowned out.

    There are people who can play piano and every instrument you can think of and even named, stop using a computer and use real talented musicians.

    Katy Perry, learn to play an instrument, learn to write music, learn to write your own lyrics, learn how to sing live, and finally learn how to perform. You take away the costumes, the lighting, the wigs, the auto-tune and what will your fans be left with?

    Katy Perry, no one will be hearing you roar. You will be hearing everyone else roar about how much true talent you don’t have.

  • Lucas

    I believe the owner of this blog is just stating his own personal opinion — that he likes the song.

    Katy Perry plays the guitar. She first started playing in small clubs and bars — with her guitar.

    There is piano in the verses, it’s high-pitched. Of course when the chorus comes on, the guitars and synths drown it out. But I can clearly hear the piano during the verses, even through my shitty iMac speakers.

    Now, as far as the song goes, it’s very radio-friendly. No need to have deep and meaningful lyrics to have a hit (LMFAO, Ke$ha, One Direction…the list goes on). I’m not a big fan of hers but I think it’s a nice song that will do well. Maybe Katy Perry has kept her “darker” stuff for the rest of the album, who knows? I don’t think people will boycott her album because she hasn’t kept her word.

    I believe every artist has a place in this industry, there’s no need for competition. Who cares if Lady Gaga releases her album at the same time? They can both shine and be successful.

    • CHASE

      I agree with Patrick I don’t hear the piano at all. And what piano is high-pitched? They can play higher notes but none are “high-pitched”

      And Kesha does have a few songs that have deep meaning lyrics that also are very radio-friendly. Katy Perry said she wanted to have deeper meaning songs, but failed to live up to that promise as other artist.

      The same reason why movie’s change their dates because a bigger money making movie is coming out the same they, so they change the opening date. All Patrick was saying for Katy Perry to shine and be successful is too not come out while bigger artist like Lady Gaga is putting out new music, because already leaks of Lady Gaga’s album Art Pop are already making waves and having people excited. Katy Perry’s new song, does not live up too all the promos and talk.

      The music industry, it’s all about competition. If you think that it’s not then you are a fool. Artist has there own moments to shine, but having two artist or more than two artist come out with a single at the same time, one will always outshine the other. Music is a competition. Let’s not forget that every album sales will always be compared to Michael Jackson’s Triller and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

      And every artist knows that the first single to come out of their new album will let their fans know what direction and what to expect from their album. The music industry and their fans judge on the first single because it’s that important.

      Michael Jackson’s first single off of Thriller “The Girl Is Mine” did not impressed people but his next single was “Thriller”. Looking at the history of music, if Katy Perry next single is as bad as “Roar” the album will flop and be everything everyone is already saying about it.

      Katy Perry has one more chance to prove herself. So far compared to her other singles, this is a flop for her. If this next single is a flop as well, she needs to push back the album and rework it.

  • KevinJ

    Pink does this w/ every album. She will release a song that sounds just like the last album to get people excited about new music then hits us w/ her new sound for the new era. It’s called marketing people. Music is a business and there are people in charge of what is released as a first single. Calm the fuck down!

    And please don’t attack Jon for his posts. He’s running this blog for us so show some respect!!

  • Jeff

    I think roar is catchy after a few listens and I now want to see her do it live at the VMAs! Can you guys help me win tickets buy using this link to vote for me!!! I really appreciate the help! I usually don’t post stuff like this either… I just really want to win and have the experience of a lifetime.

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