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Lady Gaga: ‘Aura’ Leaked Demo from ‘ARTPOP’!

Last night, a demo of a reportedly new Lady Gaga track off her upcoming album ARTPOP leaked and caused quite the commotion. Kicking off with weird filtered vocals and a wild dance beat, the rough demo of “Aura” feels like a crazy mix of “Judas” and “Americano.” It’s got hectic verses and is super noisy at times but it sounds promising for the most part. I’m a sucker for an incredibly catchy chorus. This should be enough until we get the premiere of lead single “Applause” on Monday (August 19). What do you guys think?


  • Roo

    I love it so much. It has everything the die hard fans could ever want/need and it has a completely fresh sound for any Gaga newbies/anyone who was turned off her during the Born This Way era.

  • Michael Freeman


  • Cliff

    Well that was a little hectic at the beginning but then that chorus comes in so if that is just the demo then the finished product should be amazing.

  • Sam

    The beginning was just terrible… why did she have to do that, cuz it just ruins the track completely.

    The rest is somewhat ok, nothing unique about it really, it’s just like every other Dance song out there. Have to admit though I do like GaGa’s vocals in this… she actually sounds like she’s singing properly for once.

    I don’t think she’ll offer anything new with this new album… as usual it’s her “Monsters” that hype everything up for people, then most of us get disappointed. Tbh I’m more excited for Britney’s new album than GaGa’s.

    • Mark

      seriously? like every other track? what music are you listening to? I have never heard anything like this ever! it has an arabic pop beat and she does a screaming thing with her voice that I have never heard and then has a purely pop chorus. I want to know where you get your music from, sir.

  • alan

    I like it,but it still, in my opinion,mirrors a lot of her past tracks…and i’m sure it will end up being over played by every bar and club and radio station out there…just saying !!

  • Andrew

    OMFGGGGG ok I may be a HUGE fan of Gaga and whatever, but I had my doubts about her new cd, single and everything, but FUCK. I actually love this, I can’t wait for the studio version, it’s gonna be so perfect. I’m always down for some dirty slut-pop, but I can find that anywhere, and my girl Brit’s got that down, but Gags takes it to another level…

  • Nick

    This song is nothing special, it’s not bad but it’s something that will be forgotten very soon.However, It’s promising – It’s very very promising so even if aura itself is not a good track, it does contain a sound that we can expect to flourish in its full power all over her new album.

  • Bo

    The only good thing she put out was The Fame. That album was fresh and different at the time it came out. Now everything she does is tired. This is awful and kind of scary to be honest. I couldn’t really understand most of what she was singing. WAAAY more excited for Brit’s new album!!

  • fopp

    I love this, its fresh and experimental but still classic pop, I thought she was going to go in a completely new direction but this could of easily been on ‘Born This Way’ Which was the freshest pop albums in a long time in my opinion, ‘The Fame was not fresh and different, it was very good safe generic pop album until the rerelease

  • Karen

    Can’t say I like it from this.
    It sounds like so many other songs mashed into one. a bit messy but it is a demo so I’ll judge the final version when we hear that.

  • @nicholasaboyd

    the chorus is the saving grace of this song. i’m a gaga fan but she can do better. hope this isn’t indicative of what’s to come or I may be tuning out…#notuptomyexpectations

  • Tanner

    To those of you who CAN’T read or don’t follow Gaga news, this is a demo, it’s not the finished product. Chill with the hate comments.

    That’s like saying you’re child’s going to be ugly when you’re 4 months pregnant..

  • Elly

    She peaked, her career is over. She over saturated the industry with Born This Way and the music was not near as good as the Fame/Fame Monster. This song sucks. If she would just sit down at a piano and sing songs, she MIGHT have a chance in hell at saving her career. Talented no doubt, but a dumb-ass when it comes to marketing (and apparently song writing now as well).


    This is progressive, and embodies a more unique and raw sound. I dont think she is aiming to sound perfect and nicely balanced. Its more edgy! Almost kind of underground gone pop. For me this is what iv been expecting from her, and im LOVING IT!!!!

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