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Bonnie McKee: ‘American Girl’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Bonnie McKee‘s official video for “American Girl“! The track serves as the lead single off her major-label debut album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Epic Records. Directed by Justin Francis, the clip follows Bonnie and her two gal pals as they make the most of a summer day invading a 7-eleven, checking out boys, taking a mall by storm, sunbathing by the pool, and getting turnt up at a house party. The video is fun, vibrant, entertaining, and everything it needs to be in order to match the song but I think I might like the celeb sing-along video just a bit more. Either way, the song is still crazy addicting. What do you guys think?

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  • Idolized101

    Oops! I think I might like her. I hated the song and video with the celebrity video. But I think she is so beautiful and she has a great voice. But I feel like she might be generic. Maybe she should connect with the producers on THE CW network and become an actress

    Maybe she will surprise me.

  • Clinton

    She is like Katy Perry, but talented…. I mean seeing how she wrote half of Katy’s album…. She should have just kept the hits for herself.

  • Sean

    Something about her image and persona is so cheesy in an unappealing way. I’m over this sloppy, brash, slutty image. It’s done and boring. I’m ready for a little more sophistication from pop singers.

  • oliver

    I kinda have to agree with SEAN. I don’t understand why she changed her image for this official video. Loved her look and style in the Celebrity cameo version, as well as in interviews I’ve seen. Very classy and stylish. This new image is just very Kesha and amateur. Go back to being you Bonnie!

  • Sam

    Yeah I can so tell Dr. Luke produced this song… you can hear a lot of Tik Tok and California Gurls in this.

    Personally… I’m not a huge fan of it atm. To say she wrote and still is writing songs for Britney Spears, you think she could’ve possibly done something a little bit better?

    I kinda like her hair colour though… very vibrant XD

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