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Selena Gomez: ‘Stars Dance’ Full Album Stream!

Selena Gomez‘s fourth studio album Stars Dance isn’t due out until July 23 but you can listen to it in full now! Yesterday, the 20-year-old pop songstress began premiering the album, track by track, via a ‘Tweet to Unlock’ campaign at her official website and as expected, Selenators unlocked the entire album by the end of the day. Stars Dance includes lead hit single “Come & Get It” and features production credits from Stargate, Rock Mafia, The Cataracs, Dreamlab, Toby Gad, The Suspex, and more. I’ve only listened to the album about three times but I can genuinely admit that I really enjoyed it. It’s a heavily dance-oriented record packed with mostly upbeat electronic and dubstep numbers that keep the momentum going from beginning to end. Instant favorites are the title tack and “Birthday,” which needs to be a single asap. This is the Selena Gomez album I’ve always wanted – so what are you waiting for? Listen below!

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  • Idolizer101

    I personally don’t care for birthday. It’s lame. While I love the track that sounds like Dez meets Gwen and has a Selena baby! U know which one I be talkin about BEAT! So great! But I do love this whole album

  • Terrence

    I can’t get into Birthday.. it kind of annoys me. I’m a fan of variety on albums and a lot of these sound so similar. I love Selena and this is a solid album. the beats get me moving which is what keeps me drawn to this album. As far as favorite song.. B.E.A.T. steals the cake! ITS PERFECTION! I really hope B.E.A.T is a single!

  • Marcel

    i personally love “Undercover”, “Forget Forever”, “Slow Down”, “Birthday”, a great album!:)

    I Hope the bonus tracks wil come soon! “Sad Serenade” ist amazing

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