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Introducing: Neon Jungle ‘Trouble’

Just when I started loosing hope on UK girl groups, a brand-new set of young ladies pop up with one hell of an introduction. So without further ado, I would like you to meet Neon Jungle. Shereen, Asami, Jess and Amira are four girls from London, Suffolk and Scotland who are about to take over with their appropriately titled debut single, “Trouble.” Produced by Cocknbullkid and Fear of Tigers, “Trouble” is a rowdy and in-your-face dance-pop smash packed with a pounding gritty electronic beat and an enormous chant-ready chorus. You know when you first hear a song and you immediately love it? That’s exactly what we have here. “I don’t look for trouble but trouble looks for me / And it’s been waiting around corners since I was 17” – It just doesn’t get better than that. If this isn’t a proper introduction then I don’t know what is. Get familiar with these girls now!


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