Mariah Carey: MLB All-Star Charity Concert – VIP Ticket Giveaway

On Saturday (July 13), global superstar Mariah Carey will join Alan Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic in NYC’s Central Park for the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert benefiting Sandy Relief, and Jon ALi’s Blog has a pair of special VIP tickets to this epic night to give away!

The New York Philharmonic, led by Music Director Alan Gilbert, will perform two sets of New York and baseball-themed music, including Randy Newman‘s Suite from The Natural and the world premiere of Mark Isham‘s Suite from 42. Special guest, multiple Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey will join the New York Philharmonic to perform a select number of her all time classic hits mixed with tracks off of her upcoming album.

Mariah‘s brand-new single, “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel, has won critical raves and is already topping the charts in over 30 countries. With her world renowned voice and her award-winning songwriting, producing, and longevity, Mariah has earned her place at the top of music’s pantheon. As a singer/songwriter/producer, she has been recognized with five Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard’s Artist of the Decade Award, the World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium, and BMI’s Icon Award for her outstanding achievements in songwriting, to name a few. You don’t want to miss this – enter below!

BUY Mariah Carey’s new single “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel on iTunes NOW!

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How To Enter: (Deadline – Thursday, July 11)
Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite Mariah song.
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Travel and accommodations are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winner must be able to pick the tickets up from a Manhattan location, or have them hand delivered to a Manhattan location, on Friday, July 12



  1. Fave Mariah song: Candy Bling

  2. Favorite Mariah song – stay the night

  3. Fave Mariah Song: Honey

  4. Tough decision, however my favorite Mariah song is Hero.

  5. Favorite Mariah Song: Always Be My Baby

  6. Favorite Mariah Song: Always Be My Baby

  7. Fave Mariah Song: Always Be My Baby

  8. Favorite Mimi song: Always Be My Baby

  9. Favoirte Mariah song = Dreamlover. Thanks!

  10. PLEEASEE PICKK MEE! My favorite Mariah song is Outside because it saved me and I’d give anything to see Mariah, I was sleeping when the tickets went up for grabs and missed it and I have been looking all over to get them. I’ll do anything I gotta have them!!!

  11. Honey

  12. Favorite song would have to be SO BLESSED

  13. Butterfly = my favorite Mariah song


  15. We Belong Together

  16. Literally all of the Mariah Carey songs, but we cannot deny that
    “Migrate” is her finest work, with the lyric of: “It might benefit me to throw something on / To feature my hips, accentuate my tits and steal the show”

  17. Favorite Mariah song… HEARTBREAKER ft jay z!!!!! classic:)

  18. Favorite Mariah Song: We Belong Together!

  19. Favorite Mariah Song: Honey

  20. Favorite Mariah song: “The Roof”

  21. And we drifted to another state of mind
    And imagined I was yours and you were mine
    As we lay upon the grass
    There in the dark
    Underneath the stars
    Young love underneath the stars baby


  22. Favorite Mariah song: Vanishing


  24. Favorite Mariah song: Hero

  25. Favorite Mariah Song: Always be my baby

  26. Derrick Reyes


    Favorite Mariah song: My All

  27. Full Name: Davi Jose Schilipake e-mail address: catch.me.62@gmail.com Favorite Mariah Carey song: There’s Got to Be a Way!

  28. Favorite MC Songs: Honey, Migrate, Circles, Can’t Take That Away, and Fantasy (sorry can’t do less than 5!!!) 🙂

  29. Michele DeMuth
    Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix)

  30. Favorite Mariah song: Hero

  31. Robert Salas


    Through The Rain

  32. Favorite Mariah Song: We belong together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hii! Huge fan of your blog and an even bigger fan of Mariah’s. fave song has to be Always Be My Baby. Will be in NYC this weekend. Hoping to score some tickets. Thanks!

    Ibraheem Riad

  34. My favorite Mariah song is Heartbreaker (and the first CD I ever bought was Rainbow–so it should have been pretty obvious I was gay haha)

  35. Hey there–Didn’t post my full name before 🙂

    Here it is now. The comment I made earlier was: “My favorite Mariah song is Heartbreaker (and the first CD I ever bought was Rainbow–so it should have been pretty obvious I was gay haha)”

  36. My favourite’s For the Record. So many memories.

  37. Favorite Mariah song: Emotions!!!!

  38. One sweet day & whenever you call…

  39. Tonya Cochran
    Love Takes Time

  40. Heyyy !!! I am a French Fan of MC, it would be amazing for me to see her in NY….PLEAAASE !!!

    Léa CANDON

    Favorite song : Fantasy <3

    Thanks a lot

  41. A great artist and a great singer …Mariah Carey. I want to see her perform live on MLB All Star Charity Concert.
    Lia Ocampo
    My fav song: Hero

  42. Jovan Sharp
    Fav Mariah Song: The Roof

  43. Butterfly

  44. Fav song Dreamlover

  45. What a wonderful giveaway! All I want for Christmas is you, don´t care if it´s summer or winter. I love it!

  46. We Belong Together

  47. Martin Vega, Mvega32@gmail.com, Breakdown.

  48. Love it! Thank you!!!!

    Name: Ben Biran
    E-Mail: benbiran@gmail.com
    Favorite Mariah song: I Still Believe

  49. Fantasy!

  50. Jayana Johnson
    email – Johnson.Jayana@yahoo.com
    my favorite Mariah song is her Christmas song “alll I want for Christmas” !!! It definitely puts me

  51. According to iTunes it’s MC vs The Jumpsmokes Standing O but I would have to pick Side Effects.

    1. whoops, didnt post full name.

  52. Abraham Gill
    My favorite mariah song is heartbreaker

  53. Jon Delacruz

  54. Derek Hagen
    favorite mariah song:we belong together

  55. love it when she sings Hero

  56. Fave Mariah song… The Roof

  57. My all time favorite Mariah Carey song from all of her albums is, “Breakdown” with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony!

  58. Favorite song is “We Belong together”

  59. My favorite Mariah Carey song (& music video) has to be “The Roof”

  60. Favorite song: Always be my Baby

  61. Favorite Mariah Carey song: DREAMLOVER!

  62. God, this is HARD.

    My FAVORITE song is either “Hero” or “I Wish You Well” (from the very underrated E=MC2 album).

    But her BEST song is probably “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” since it’s the only Xmas song in the past 30 years to become a bonafide CLASSIC.

  63. Make It Happen

  64. My favourite song is her “Hero”
    I really want to attend the show
    Thank you!!

  65. this is my first time of newyork travel.
    i return to korea next week.
    i would like to make the good memory.

    i like the ‘hero’and ‘without you’ of Mariah Carey.

  66. David Chan. sm112426@hotmail.com. my favorite mariah song is hero.

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