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78Violet aka Aly & AJ Finally Return with ‘Hothouse’!

Aly and AJ Michalka, who are now known as 78violet, make their official return with the release of their new single “Hothouse“! After almost five years since their 2007 third studio album Insomniatic, the sister duo are ready to burst back into the scene with their fourth studio album due out later this year via their own Violet House Productions. Produced by David Kahne and co-written with Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, “Hothouse” is a dreamy and lush indie-pop track that pulls from many of the duo’s musical influences. The song is definitely different from their earlier material but it sounds like an accurate and mature step forward. The girls were always the most experimental out of all their Disney pop labelmates, and they’ve really grown up into something that’s their very own. The song may not be a Top 40 hit but its rich, well written and impeccably produced – get into it! What do you guys think?

BUY 78Violet’s first single in five years “Hothouse” on iTunes NOW!


  • Topher

    I feel the opposite of what Dan feels. I didn’t like the long ass intro. I think the song is ok. The video is weird.

  • Nick Romano

    I love it. the whole thing is taking them away from their past “Disney Pop” sound and bringing in the new which to me sounds very retro like 60’s to 70’s the music really reminds me of the flower power kinda music.

  • Cameron

    I actually really enjoyed the song, something different from where Disney had them. Not sure about the long intro, but I enjoyed the song.

  • Ryan

    the intro is definitely a bit long, I felt as though I was watching a feature length film. I checked how much time was left on the video. after a three minute, thirty second intorductioon I would expect a better song from them. however, I enjoyed the cinematography throughout the video, that was something really well done.

  • Sebastian

    i only have something to say: i am a fan since 2004 and i got to tell that this is AMAZING to see them in action again and out of Disney, can´t wait for the whole album, i know it won´t dissapoint me, i LOVE ALY & AJ (78Violet)

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