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Samantha Jade: ‘Firestarter’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Samantha Jade‘s new single “Firestarter“! The track, which will serve as the lead single to her upcoming album, comes six months after the 26-year-old X Factor Australia winner topped the ARIA Charts with her winning single “What You’ve Done To Me.” Produced by Aussie production duo DNA Songs, “Firestarter” is a massive dance anthem packed with a throbbing bass line and a soaring chorus made perfect for the club floor. Yes, it sounds like a David Guetta song but that’s definitely not a bad thing – if anything, it sounds like Guetta at his very best. Whatever it may sound like, Samantha for sure has got herself another hit with “Firestarter.” What do you guys think?



  1. OK REAL QUESTION FOR EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG. WILL THERE BE A BETTER POP SINGER THAN SAMANTHA? – She is pop perfection. I love her voice. I want to work out to this. And I dont work out. I want to dance hard to this. Sound off people!

  2. She has a great voice but there isn’t anything super amazing about this track. Sounds like any other dance track you’d hear in the club or on the radio. This definitely isn’t a standout track.

  3. This song has a great feel. One of those songs you can get lost in. Love it Love it. It’s great to see Samantha come out strong with this one. She is a star!

  4. As an Australian i am thrilled she is getting featured on other blogs. Good to see other people noticing this awesome talent! Love her & this song. I hope she has world-wide success!!



  6. Dance Pop is fading from the US mainstream. This’ll do well overseas, but in the states I’m afraid she’s too late. More established artists can get away with Dance pop (lady gaga and others) but for a new artist there isnt enough pull.

    1. Really? I thought dance pop was bigger now in the states after the emergence of Gaga and when the Black Eyed Peas went from hip hop to dance music? As opposed to years ago when Kylie Minogue’s music didn’t fare well in the US because they weren’t into euro-dance music. Yet now David Guetta and Calvin Harris are massive there. And every r&b artist now just does dance pop music since it would get played on pop radio as opposed to proper r&b. Anyhow even if you are right a lot of the biggest artists in the world haven’t cracked the US. i.e. Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Plus this is only one song from her album. I’m hoping the next song she releases is a bit different

  7. WATCH THE VIDEO /watch?v=5ml8DpVh-wg

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