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Avicii Releases ‘Wake Me Up!’ & Readies Debut Album ‘True’

It’s been in the works for years but it looks like Avicii will finally be releasing his debut album in full on September 17th. Entitled True, the 23-year-old Swedish producer/DJ’s forthcoming studio album is definitely one of the most anticipated efforts in dance music and it’s already shaping up to be quite the treat. “This is about me being true to my sound but also to my own influences and musical preferences,” Avicii expressed to Billboard. “This album consists 100% of songs I personally love. It’s true to me, true to my brand, true to Avicii.” Confirmed collaborators include: Joakim Berg, Audra Mae, Nile Rodgers, Mac Davis, Incubus’ Mike Einziger, and Aloe Blacc, who is featured on the lead single “Wake Me Up,” a sui generis production bringing together electronica, soul, folk guitar riffs, and its own unique Avicii flare in between. The track is destined to be a worldwide hit. What do you guys think?

BUY Avicii’s new single “Wake Me Up!” on iTunes NOW!

Wake Me Up



  1. I like! Not what I expected.

  2. Does anyone else think Aloe Black sounds like Tracy Chapman?

    1. Yep!!! “Wake Me Up” reminds me of “Fast Car”…

    2. I totally agree! I just heard the song for the first time and searched “wake me up Tracy Chapman” and found your comment here!

      1. haha same here. i hate that song bc i hate tracy chapman’s voice.

    3. Yes, I thought also it’s Tracy Chapman when I heard it first time!

    4. I goggled this because I thought it was tracy chapman. But eerily, there is an artist from the 80’s called Joan Armatrading and I swore when Tracy chapman came out it was her. I cant tell the difference between the three.

  3. Nice job Avicii – I’m feelin’ this!

  4. Totally thought it was Tracy Chapman first time I heard the tune. Good tune by the way!!

  5. I just googled “fast car” song artist to see who it was cause it sounds so similar. Crazy!

  6. Thought it was Tracy chapman

  7. Totally tracy chapman looooool

  8. I had to google “artist who sounds like Tracy Chapman” to find this song. lol Love the song, the style, and the voice.

  9. love it!

  10. LOL i just searched “wake me up tracie chapman” and ended up here.. I hate her voice with a passion yet I like this song and was concerned..

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