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Kelly Rowland: ‘Talk A Good Game’ Giveaway!

Today marks the release of a few major releases but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t most excited for Talk A Good Game, the brand-new album from Kelly Rowland. Featuring appearances from Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, Pharrell, Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, and The-Dream, Talk A Good Game is a cohesive record that feels like Kelly Rowland at her very best. Slickly produced R&B grooves, easy pop, catchy dance tracks, and a dab of retro soul make up the sound for most of the album and not once does it sound forced or disingenuous. Kelly talks about it all, the good and the bad, and even though she never stretches herself too far musically, it all just feels right from beginning to end. So in celebration of the release we are giving away 3 copies of the album. Find out how to enter below – good luck!

How To Enter: (U.S Only!!)
Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite song on the album
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BUY Kelly Rowland’s new album Talk A Good Game on iTunes NOW!
BUY Kelly Rowland’s new album Talk A Good Game (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes NOW!

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  1. loves it!

    greetings from all across the ocean from Holland!
    -Dirty Laundry-

    Jordi de Haan 😉

  3. Eric S. Way emancip8eric@gmail.com… either FREAK or GONE! Can’t choose between the two!!!

  4. I can’t help but love “This Is Love”!
    Will Wrench – Will715@me.com

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Bryan Kozlowski | bk41794@yahoo.com | “Gone”

  6. Casey Evans
    Dirty Laundry

  7. Mona Mack
    Dirty Laundry

  8. Ricky McDonald | fobtbsfl102@aol.com | “You Changed”

  9. US Only? 🙁 i live in Indonesia and it’s very hard to get the album 🙁

  10. Kathleen Borts maxmonica@verizon.net

    Dirty Laundry

  11. Love the album. “I Remember,” is my favorite Kelly Row track by far.

    Scott Edelman

  12. Amanda Askew
    Red Wine

  13. Freak is my fave!

    Olivia Vaden

  14. I love this blog! Hehe
    I love me some “Kisses Down Low” & I’m keen on “#1”
    Jorge Eric Herrera

  15. Derrick Reyess


    my fav songs so far are “you changed”, “This is love”, and “freaks”. love the album !!!!

  16. Chris Staples


    my fav songs are This is Love & stand in front of me

  17. Robert Salas
    “Dirty Laundry”

  18. Justin Kretzschmar
    “Gone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)”

  19. Ray No
    “You Changed”

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